Katharine Egli/Taos News

Larry Torres at his home in El Salto.

¡La Grama Cuca estaba bien cansada! She was sick and tired of dealing with a mouse que salía todas las noches and he would sneak into the cupboard to nibble on her rice y de los otros granos. She would set out unas trampitas pero cada noche, el ratón would take the bait y se escapaba, with a full belly without springing the mouse traps, happy de que la Grama Cuca was feeding him so well. El grampo had tried to catch the mouse, poniéndole strips of tar paper para ver si podía pescarlo así, by gluing the mouse’s paws al papel de brea. Pero el little varmint sanamagón kept escaping and waiting for the next trap como si fuera un game that they were playing y un gran fonaso para él. 

Canutito suggested que la grama pusiera a lot of peanut butter around the house y si comía mucho el ratón, he might get constipated and stop eating. He could almost imaginarse, laughing and seeing al ratón constipado holding on to his stomach and groaning porque la crema de cacahuates would have stopped his guts up real good.

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