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Every summer, the Peñasco Theatre Collective hosts youth arts workshops for performers aged 5-17. The culmination of the "camps" is a free-admission show.

Come one. Come all. 

Tourists cruising State Road 75 on a mission to check the “High Road to Taos” off their sightseeing lists might all too easily mistake Peñasco for a mere signpost along the way, …
"Butterfly" by Taos painter Ray Vinella

Art character

“I moved to Taos because of the great light and subject matter in the landscape,” explains artist Ray Vinella. “I’d been working as an illustrator at an advertising firm on La …
Nancy Lay, of Taos, stitches in colcha style during a July gathering at La Hacienda de Los Martínez in Taos. Traditional designs are simple. They typically depict flowers, birds and animals.

A stitch through time

It’s only one simple couching stitch; you're just making an anchor, pulling a single thread back to the right-hand side of where your design is and tacking it down. For centuries, this …
Goldsmith and jewelery-maker David Anderson's first jewelry instructor was Ralph Lewis at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Before taking that class, Anderson wasn't settled on a career path. When they first met, Anderson showed Lewis a belt buckle he was working on. He recalled the ensuing conversation: “This is your first class?” “And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘Wow, do you have a major?’ I said, ‘No.’ He looked at the belt buckle again, looked me right in the eye and said, ‘I want you for a student.’ Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard, ‘OK.’ I didn't realize I had even said it out loud. And that was it.”

‘I was hooked’

Quintessential Taos views surround the sprawling Anderson family cattle ranch in Arroyo Seco. The proper home was once filled with impressive paintings, tapestries and sculptures. The middle …

‘That church is Taos’

San Francisco de Asís Catholic Church has been mouth-watering subject matter for painters and photographers for over 100 years. Most artists choose to make imagery of the back apse end where …
Doors and shutter at Ranchos Plaza

One door, two doors, three doors, blue doors

There is a long standing tradition in Taos of painting a front door blue. The color blue of doors and window frames next to the soft beige and flesh shades of adobe create a unique and striking …
Autumn Borts-Medlock demonstrates a handcoiling method passed down from her mother and grandmother.

Bridging the ancient with the contemporary

Once seeing Autumn Borts-Medlock’s signature design in pottery, it shouts out among all other Native American potters’ designs. Her curvilinear, art deco style is as unmistakable as a …
The Ranchos de Taos chapter of Sociedad Protección Mútua de Trabajadores Unidos, Concilio #18 perform a dance at the 2015 Taos County Fair.

Guardians of Norteño culture

Preservation of folkloric music and dance of the Southwest, particularly that of Northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, is one of the key cultural missions of Sociedad Protección …

Taos, as seen through Martin Shaffer's camera

Photographs are illustrative, undeniable records of family, friends, places and events that one day become an important part of history. From the 1940s to mid-1970s, one man was busy recording weddings, taking family portraits and snapping his camera's shutter around Taos.
Catharine C. Critcher, the only woman admitted to the Taos Society of Artists, paints a portrait in Taos c. 1925-1927.

Taos Society of Artists' Catharine Critcher

Joseph Sharp. E. Irving Couse. W. Herbert Dunton. Ernest Blumenschein. O.E. Berninghaus. Bert Phillips. Anyone who knows of the founders of the famous Taos Society of Artists (TSA) has heard these …

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