Stargazer Nov 12 -18. 2020

ARIES You are likely feeling some indecision today (Thursday) with the Libra Moon opposing your sign Aries, but you feel more decisive this weekend, as you withdraw into a more introspective place during the deep Scorpio New Moon, which encourages some downtime, as you re-define the week ahead.

TAURUS The Scorpio New Moon this weekend opposes your sign and provides much-needed insight into your present situation. This could feel heavy, yet is revelatory, as you get to see the bigger picture. This is a perfect time to catch your breath and recoup Taurus, as you take time out for you.

GEMINI- The Libra Moon today is energizing, yet the weekend slows down with the Scorpio New Moon pulling up old emotions that need to be processed. This would be a perfect time to have a conversation with your mate, as you can resolve some issues which have been brewing.

CANCER The Scorpio New Moon this weekend favors your sign and supports your personal relationships. This deep Scorpio energy is conducive to romance, so slip into your hobbit hole and enjoy and pay attention to your mate.

LEO. The Scorpio New Moon and Sun this weekend is in square (tension) to you sign and you might be feeling tugged at by others. This is a rather low key few days, so it would be best to avoid major social interaction, as everyone around you is rather moody and disagreeable. Recoup and revive Leo!

VIRGO This is the perfect weekend to plot a new life plan, with the Scorpio New Moon fueling your energy and bringing in emotional support from those closest to you. Take personal time with your mate and take a break from your normal routine Virgo. Early week could feel stressful as you jump into a busy week.

LIBRA Your social plans this weekend are likely to be interrupted as the Scorpio New Moon can feel heavy. It would be best to lie low and wait until next week to implement your plans, as this is a more subdued weekend. By Monday you are rocking and rolling with the Sagittarius Moon fueling your energy.

SCORPIO The New Moon and Sun in your sign this weekend could prove to be profound, as you are feeling nurtured and enjoying the company of those closest to you. Great insights could prove to be illuminating as you piece together loose ends. Trust your instincts as you are right on!

SAGITTARIUS You're likely in a funk this weekend Sagittarius, with the deep New Moon in Scorpio prompting some inner reflection. By Monday you are back on track with the Moon in your sign sparking much activity and keeping you energized through Wednesday.

CAPRICORN With Mars going direct this weekend, there is finally a sense of movement as you proceed with your plans. The Scorpio New Moon favors your sign and prompts new ideas, which you can easily initiate with confidence. Monday could be distracting, but you are back in the flow come next Tuesday/Wednesday Capricorn.

AQUARIUS This New Moon Weekend in Scorpio can feel jarring as those around you are especially emotional and might seem uncooperative. By late Sunday/Monday you are back in motion with the airy Gemini Moon favoring your sign, which increases positive communications in business.

PISCES New ideas take off readily Pisces, as we experience the Scorpio New Moon this weekend, which favors your sign and which feels nurturing and supportive as you regain energy and move towards fulfilling your goals. Spend time with your mate as passion runs high. Early week could be a bit testing Pisces!

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