Stargazer Nov 5 - 11 2020

Stargazer Nov 5 - 11, 2020 

The latest guidance for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces

ARIES - This weekend is upbeat with the Leo moon energizing you. This would be a great time to catch up with friends and loved ones. The early week is beset with details that have been piling up. With Mercury now direct, you'll be able to accomplish much. Venus in Libra sparks romance, so pay attention to your mate, Aries!

TAURUS - It would be best to keep a steady pace through Friday, as the Leo moon this weekend will likely feel disruptive with unexpected events, which could throw you off track. By early next week, you'll assume a normal pace with the earthy Virgo moon supporting your position.

GEMINI - You're on fire, Gemini, and will feel enthusiastic this weekend with the fiery Leo moon sparking your imagination. Venus (the planet of Love) in Libra favors your sign and supports romantic interests, so have fun this weekend, as early week could feel tedious with the Virgo moon demanding attention to details.

CANCER - The moon is in you sign the next two days and allows for personal time to catch up on your life. The weekend could feel overwhelming as the demands of others occupies your time. Mars/Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter continue to jab at you but relief is coming, as we move into late December. Hang in there, Cancer!

LEO - You've been a bit melancholy during this Scorpio time, which can bring up buried emotions. By the weekend the moon shifts into your sign and promises a more enthusiastic and outgoing mood. Get out and connect as you'll be feeling restless, Leo, and ready for some fun.

VIRGO - With the Leo moon in tension to the Scorpio sun this weekend, people are a bit edgy, but this shouldn't affect you, but you might prefer to lie low, as Monday/Tuesday will be productive as the moon moves into your sign and supports your many projects and allows you to catch up on life.

LIBRA - As retrograde Mars in Aries is still opposing your sign and the Cancer moon today/Friday is in Cancer, there could be some irritability. Try not to be argumentative, as this could create unnecessary problems. The weekend is more relaxing and likely social as the moon shifts into fiery Leo, which favors your sign.

SCORPIO - You're feeling content, Scorpio, with the nurturing Cancer moon pumping you up today and tomorrow. The weekend is more subdued, with the moody moon slipping into Leo, which brings some tension to a head. Try to work things out with those closest to you and there will be a resolution.

SAGITTARIUS - You've been in a low energy place of late, yet feel your old self by the weekend as the Leo moon complements your sign and could prompt an adventure. This would be a good time to get out and socialize. The early week brings in a pile of unfinished business, with the Virgo moon putting you back on track.

CAPRICORN - You're feeling rather moody and overly sensitive, Capricorn, as the Cancer moon opposes you today and tomorrow. The weekend proves to be more uplifting, as a break away from daily responsibilities and a chance to celebrate life. By Monday you are in the flow with the Virgo moon assisting you as you tie up loose ends.

AQUARIUS - You're all over the place this weekend and feel pushed in many directions, which could feel overwhelming, Aquarius. The Leo moon is opposing you as you try to make up your mind. By late Tuesday into Wednesday you are clear-headed and decisive, so hang in there and get off the fence!

PISCES - Just because you're in a funk, Pisces, doesn't mean you can't get out and enjoy yourself. The weekend is more uplifting if you can pull yourself out of your hobbit hole. The early week will bring you to a major decision, as the Virgo moon will push you off the fence and bring in some clarity.

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