Stargazer Nov 19 - 25 2020

Stargazer Nov 19 - 25, 2020 

The latest guidance for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces

ARIES - Mars is in your sign and has gone direct, which allows you to move steadily into your many projects with speed and efficiency. There is an itch to travel and to experience greater freedom. The Aquarian moon this weekend promotes social activity, so get out and have some fun, Aries!

TAURUS - This Scorpio time we're in has been stressful, as you have had to weigh many issues. The weekend is likely to bring in an unexpected visitor, as the Aquarian moon is more social and outgoing. You finally get some time to yourself by late Sunday into Monday, so enjoy the company.

GEMINI - The sun moves into Sagittarius Sunday, which opposes you sign which can bring in some indecision, as you feel pulled in many directions. Try not to take on too much and pace yourself. Despite this, the weekend should be upbeat with the Aquarian moon fueling your energy,

CANCER - As the sun shifts into fiery Sagittarius, there is a sudden push to get things done, which can feel irritating, yet will provide the impetus you need. Take a breath this weekend as the Aquarian moon promotes quality time with friends, so get out and enjoy, Cancer.

LEO - As we slip into fiery Sagittarius Sunday, you begin to feel more enthusiastic as this sign is complementary. Take a break away from your routine and have fun, Leo! Early week can bring up some emotional issues which need to be confronted as the moon moves into sensitive watery Pisces.

VIRGO - We approach the sign of Sagittarius Sunday, which can feel chaotic and unfocused. Don't fight it, Virgo, as this is a perfect opportunity to escape and to break out of your routine. Early week feels less stressed as the Pisces moon feels more nurturing and supportive, but could leave you feeling a bit indecisive.

LIBRA - Sunday bring us into Sagittarius time, which is high energy and which works well with your airy sign. The Aquarian moon this weekend promises a fun and outgoing time as you catch up with friends. Many new ideas are percolating, Libra, so take some time to develop your creative projects.

SCORPIO - We shift out of your sign Sunday, Scorpio, and move into fiery energetic Sagittarius, which can feel jarring as you are pushed out of your nest and tugged at by those around you. By Monday you resume your flow and feel more in sync with the world, so take a breath, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS - The sun enters your sign Sunday, as we move into your birthday time. This is a perfect time to envision new ideas as your new year cycle begins. The weekend is productive and active, but recedes into a dreamy and unfocused place by Monday morning. It's OK - pace yourself, Sagittarius!

CAPRICORN - Jupiter is still in your sign, which has been exaggerating things all year and has kept you in hyperspeed. With the sun moving into Sagittarius Sunday, there are distractions that can make it difficult to get things done. The Aquarian moon this weekend puts the focus on finances, and will be the theme through early next week.

AQUARIUS - The weekend belongs to you, Aquarius, with the moon in your sign, which sparks creativity and social interaction. With the sun shifting into Sagittarius Sunday, this heightens activities which could feel overwhelming. Early week is more subdued as you feel more introspective and laid-back.

PISCES - As the sun slides into fiery Sagittarius Sunday, there can be some confusion as this is in tension to your sign, but keeps you on your toes. Early week finds the moon in your sign which allows you to assume some rhythm and order. By Tuesday/Wednesday you feel pushed, yet determined to get things done.

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