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Put on your dancing shoes - music is back in Taos

Who remembers how to dance? We may have experienced some atrophy in the muscles responsible for coordinating our boogie movements. Our spiffy shoes have probably gathered cobwebs. You'll have to get over these fears quickly this summer. Options abound. That long overdue need for hip thrusting, fist bumping, head nodding, pelvic gyrating, shoulder shimmying, and even the need for herky jerky movements must be sated.

Even with all this great news, we will be left a little shorthanded knowing the behemoth of live music known as the Mothership won't be blasting off into the aural heavens this summer. Well enough with the downers already. The other bastion of intoxicating grooves is back for the weekends baby!

The place where you generally have to rationalize your decision making skills the morning after, the Alley Cantina, is busting out the jams with the hard hitters, the down right nasty conjurers of crunk-like vibes: Vanilla Pop and Katy P & the Biz. You can catch them from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday respectively. When you're out that late trying to get another vodka Red Bull before last call you'll likely forget the pandemic ever even happened; except of course you'll be reminded we're not quite there yet when you can't simply saunter over on a weekday expecting to find locals belting out their favorite tunes off-key for karaoke. For the comedown go there on Sundays, where longtime Best of Taos Jazz Performer winner Christine Autumn will be singing some classy standards from the '40s and '50s and much more.

To pick up the slack, some newcomers will be getting into the music fray. Among retail vendors participating in the Taos Roundup, only Salto will be having music on a weekly basis. The shop is located in the parking lot across from the old Eske's restaurant. It's full of Southwestern vintage lore. Throwback Harley Davidson shirts are on the racks. Fancy cowboy boots and top hats encircle the shopping space. In some alcoves you can find classic Playboy Magazines and hard to find LPs. In this boutique is where you'll find informal balladeers and crooners singing their hearts out on Saturdays. There's no official start time, it's one of those things you gotta just feel out.

Over at the Revolt Gallery Steve McFarland is hard at work making sure you get down, real down, on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m (per the advertisements, but it really goes on longer). When I met up with him hours before another show, he had the exhausted glaze one has that works as hard as they play, which is what he literally does. Very few people can be seen not turning all the way up when he's on the turntables. People play with a giant squeaky chicken toy and get low to the floor. I've even seen some twerking. It's the closest thing Taos has to a nightclub, house party or rave environment. The music's diverse. It's not necessarily all EDM. There's punk rock, indie, rap and other genres as well. But if there's a lull, expect to hear a sick mix unleashed.

The Rolling Still Lounge will have music produced by Daleee productions on every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m . For the non Latin-Carribean influenced individuals among us dale (DAH-LEH) means "go ahead," as in go ahead brooo let's do it, daleee! Normally this trendy imbibery is the place you wind down with a lavender type cocktail, ideally sitting on the jade couch. Not so if the Prince of Pachanga, party progenitor extraordinaire, Ricky Carlini, has anything to say about it. If he's involved it'll certainly be a happening space. The month of August is packed with good shows: Miles Bonny on the 3rd, John Archuleta the 10th, Garry Blackchild the 17th, and Sarah Martinez the 24th.

Every second Sunday of the month at the Seco Live space (across from the Wake + Take) thanks to Seco Live and Parse, there'll be a free concert, fully set up on a gorgeous stage. The event starts at noon with artisans setting up shops full of honey jars or intricate pottery. Typically the music starts around 4 p.m. Before then you could indulge in refreshing cocktails served through a window in the shack next to the stage. Next to where the drinks are being slung, you can purchase jerk chicken. Once you've got things in order the concert will go on till 6 p.m. And as the crowd dwindles and the sun sets, you can reflect on the many parties to come.

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