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Nail salons manicure services these days offer more than just painting fingers and toenails. Some services require specialized tools and a manicurist trained to use them. Other services are less complicated, like a hand or calf massage. There is also a social interaction aspect to a salon visit, with other clients and your nail technician. Much like a relationship with a hairdresser, many form lasting relationships with the salon and a special bond with the person who takes care of their nails.

Nail salons are up close and personal and during pandemic times, when self care and pampering yourself is important, going inside a nail salon can be like reconnecting with a part of one’s community. There are a few guidelines to consider before you book an appointment. Masks are mandatory, as is social distancing. Both you and your technician will be in a mask during the entire treatment. Because of limited space, the option to bring a friend or family member along is not an option unless they too are using the service. You must book an appointment, and plan on being on time as social distancing protocol limits the number of clients that can visit at any given time.

Star Nails at 710 Paseo del Pueblo Sur also prioritizes protecting their clients and themselves. Everyone is in a mask, and there are no walk-ins, only appointments Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nail technician Tam Tran said the salon can manage two clients per hour and maintain the regulation social distancing protocols mandated by the state and CDC. Tran said clients are exuberant to be in the chair for a treatment after months of being away. "We’re wearing gloves and masks and sanitizing and disinfecting as we go. People are very appreciative despite the inconvenience. There has been a steady flow of clients coming back who discovered the salon is open."

Tran said the space is very limited, so the only person allowed in the salon during the treatment is the client. No family members or friends are allowed to ensure social distancing is maintained. They have masks on hand, for those who forget to bring one, and hand sanitizer available upon entry into the salon.

Tran said she’s been in the business for two decades and has many clients who have been with her for many of those years. The social aspect of catching up with people and providing a service that makes people feel good is why she stays. “We are following the US government guidelines on “Opening Up America Again” and CDC protocols with wearing masks and cleaning up after each client and keeping physical distance. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable.” To schedule an appointment call (575) 737-9431.

Salon Luxe located at 622 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite G, is a hair and nail salon. You can get an estimate of cost for whatever service you need on their website prior to booking an appointment. Salon Luxe offers the latest nail enhancement technology, including gel manicures and pedicures and a dip powder gel system. They also offer a professional waxing service which includes eyebrows. For an estimate of service cost visit or call the salon at 575-758-7392.

Just a heads up – the nail salon landscape in Taos is in flux, with many salons opting not to open, and very limited availability for appointments.

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