Film Review
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With a cumbersome title such as “Wrath of Man,” it might be easy to assume Guy Ritchie’s latest crime thriller is heavy on stodgy artfulness a…

Film Review
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Before there was “Grand Theft Auto” to make conservatives freak out over extreme violence and adult content in video games, there was Midway G…

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If this was supposed to be the year live music returned after going underground due to the pandemic, then so far 2021 is not looking that grea…

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The “king” has been removed from Kong, but the new film in which the world’s largest ape is pitted against the nuclear fire-breathing Godzilla…

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We had but a few shooting days left to wrap the movie, "Vengeance," when the production company pulled the plug. COVID-19 had been hovering ov…

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A western about a weathered former Civil War soldier tasked with returning a child across hostile lands to be with her family sounds like an o…


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