We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

For auld lang syne, my dear

For auld lang syne

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

For days of auld lang syne

Scottish poet, Robert Burns' song's refrain "We'll take a cup of kindness yet" rings clear and true through the centuries, especially in this time, rife with so much hardship, grief and uncertainty.

As we head into yet another year of unknowns, let's remember to be kind to one another, no matter our differing opinions and views. Random acts of kindness go a long way in righting a lot of wrongs.

In this issue, instead of looking back at a year that will in any event be impossible to forget, we are choosing to look ahead. With the assistance of a few of Taos' wise men and women, most of them grandparents, and at an age where they have accumulated a lot of knowledge, they are happy to share at this time.

Rhoda Concha-Hopper and Anita Rodriguez were born here, Sharon Millstein, Lucy McCall and Ken Bresee arrived, freak flags flying, and others landed more recently, magnetized by the mountain. Mystics all, they walk in two worlds, and each year in Tempo, part the veils on the incoming year.

All of them mention our connectivity, our relation to our planet, and all of them talk about the need for kindness.

Not being in complete denial about the year we leave behind, we tapped two Taos intellectuals to sum it all up; writer, professor and Horse Fly founder Bill Whaley offers a cryptic commentary on the year that was, while local author and Tempo contributor, Elizabeth Burns, happily watches it recede in her rearview mirror while anticipating the future.

While COVID-19 continues to rage, we recognize the need for a strong immune system, especially during cold and flu season. With that in mind, Tempo regular Tamra Testerman, explores alternative healing modalities.

Our friends from Twirl, who have generously gifted our community with truly amazing resources for parents and children, all through the pandemic, will go from a weekly to a monthly column in 2021. Look for them the last week of every month.

We've packed this issue with plenty to keep you entertained all through your sequestered New Year celebrations, and hopefully, give everyone something to think about and laugh about, as we bid farewell to 2020.

So as you raise a toast at home, with a few loved ones or alone, remember to be kind to others and to yourself this coming year, because no matter what surprises 2021 has in store for us, "we'll take a cup of kindness yet."

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