The Aspen Song Kids [ASK] are a Taos Pueblo family of eight children and parents Amber Martinez and Tarynce Hise. In less than a year, the family has revived their grandmother’s pueblo shop to make and sell art. They’ve produced a book with original art and prose titled "Sacred Spiral" on Nighthawk Press. And they’ve opened The Art Lab next to the Governor Bent House, transforming the space with historical connotations into a destination for Taos Pueblo youth to attend Tiwa lessons, Elder talks and a dynamic visiting lecture series. 

I asked Hise a few questions about how the family enterprise began. Who are the Aspen Song Kids, what is behind the name, what inspires them and what is on the horizon — Here are the highlights.

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Alice Robison

I will definitely stop by. great article!

Mary Ross

What a great idea and way to involve family, tradition, learning and creativity. Keep up the great work. I enjoy following your creative path and teaching through doing!

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