ARIES -You'll likely find yourself vacillating back and forth as you try to make up your mind through tomorrow, Friday, with the Moon in fickle Libra opposing your sign Aries. The Scorpio Moon weekend will push you into your inner world, as you reflect on the many options available to you. By early week you are confident and ready to move forward with the fiery Sagittarius Moon.

TAURUS - The deep Scorpio Moon weekend opposes your Taurus, which could cause some indecision, yet could bring in a clear objective view as you withdraw into your inner space. Romantic interests are likely to be a major consideration during this passionate Scorpio time, so best to pay attention to the needs of your partner. By Monday there is a rush to catch up with business.

GEMINI - Today through Friday is especially high energy with the Libra Moon favoring your sign and providing the momentum you need to get things done. The Scorpio Moon weekend could feel a bit heavy, yet allows you some introspection and downtime as you stick to the home front and catch up with those closest to you. Reflect on the week ahead, with a major decision.

CANCER - You're likely to feel a bit frenzied through tomorrow (Friday) with the Moon in Libra in tension to your sign. Get out and tie up loose ends in business, as the Scorpio Moon weekend should offer some relief, as you withdraw into your inner sanctum. Mars conjoins the Sun early next week, which favors your sign and provides the energy you need to get things done.

LEO - Jupiter continues to oppose you Leo, which could incline you to over-react, so stay calm and think things through. The airy Libra Moon through Friday keeps you in the flow, though, the Scorpio Moon weekend is likely to stir up some deep emotions, which need to be expressed, so don't hold back Leo early next week proceeds with high energy and enthusiasm as you jump into your routine.

VIRGO - You're on top of the game Virgo, as the Sun/Mars are still in your sign which provides the impetus you need to tie up many loose ends. The Scorpio Moon weekend encourages you to pull away from business and to fully recoup and regain composure. The Sagittarius Moon early next week could prove to be challenging, as this is in tension to your sign and likely to scatter your energies.

LIBRA - You're rather upbeat through tomorrow (Friday) with the Moon in your airy sign teaming up with Mercury/Venus. This heightens creativity and romance and is rather exuberant. The Scorpio Moon weekend tones things down and allows for some reflection, as you take time out for those closest to you. Early week gets off with a roar, with the Moon entering fiery Sagittarius.

SCORPIO - The Moon falls in Scorpio as Venus steps into your sign this weekend, which would normally provide some downtime; but with Saturn and Jupiter in tension to your sign, you're likely to be disrupted by visitors or unseen events. Yet Venus (the planet of Love) boosts romantic interests, so slip away and take some personal time for you and your mate.

SAGITTARIUS - By late Sunday the Moon enters your sign, which usually is energizing and enthusiastic. This is a perfect time to entertain and to catch up with friends. The Sun/Mars conjunction in Virgo next week will feel intense, as you're pushed into productivity. Virgo is in square (tension) to your sign, but provides the oomph you need to get things done Sagittarius!

CAPRICORN - Deep passionate, Venus enters Scorpio this weekend connecting with the Moon, which prompts romantic interests and offers you a break from your normal routine. By Monday the Moon falls into your sign working favorably with the Sun/Mars conjunction in earthy Virgo. This provides clarity and momentum to present projects.

AQUARIUS - It's been a wild ride Aquarius, with Saturn and Jupiter still in your sign. Change is the keyword, as your life has likely shifted in some new direction. The Scorpio Moon Friday/Saturday offers you a chance to escape your daily routine with some quality time with those closest to you. Try to get out of your busy head Aquarius!

PISCES - Venus, the planet of love enters sexy, passionate Scorpio tomorrow (Friday) joining up with the Moon, which complements your sign and heightens romantic interests. By early week there is a fervor of activity as you feel pushed in many directions. Stay true to you Pisces and avoid those who seek to distract you. It's ok to say NO Pisces!

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