ARIES - This is a Leo Moon weekend coming up which promises to be upbeat and fun as this favors your sign. The added boost of the Moon in sextile (Harmony) to the Sun/Mars/Mercury all in airy Libra supports a rather social few days. There could be some indecision, however, as the Libra planets oppose your sign and heighten romantic interests Aries!

TAURUS - The Leo Moon weekend is energetic, but could feel a bit jarring, as this is in tension to your sign. It would be best to give up any notion of your plans working out, as Mercury (Communications) is now retrograde, which could create delays and bring about unexpected events. Just go with the flow and be open as there could be a nice surprise from out of the blue.

GEMINI - Mercury is your ruling planet Gemini and is now retrograde, which could convolute your plans. This is a perfect time to pull back and to create order from behind the scenes. The fiery Leo Moon weekend is fun and affords you time out to enjoy those closest to you, so put business plans on hold and get out and have fun as the Sun/Mercury/Mars in Libra is working with your sign.

CANCER - You're quite in motion through tomorrow (Friday) Cancer with the Moon in your watery sign. Mercury (communications) is now retrograde, which bring some sudden changes to your immediate plans, so be flexible Cancer! The Leo Moon weekend will likely get you out of the house, so surrender and enjoy friends and loved ones as you'll be back on track by early next week.

LEO -This airy Libra time Sun/Mercury/Mars fans the flames of your fiery sign, which comes to an exciting climax this weekend as the Moon enters your sign. However, with Mercury (Communications) now retrograde, there could be delays and postponements. It would be best to adopt a more playful stance, as business will wait till early next week when you resume some momentum.

VIRGO - It won't be until early next week before you feel back in the saddle Virgo, when the Moon enters your earthy, practical sign. The fiery Leo Moon weekend invites you to get out and play, so hold off on important business until next week. Mercury (Communications) is now retrograde which is conducive to creating order from behind the scenes.

LIBRA - This is a high-energy period with Mars/Mercury/Sun all in your sign. This Leo Moon weekend should prove to be exciting as the Libra air and Leo fire is quite combustible. Though Mercury is in your sign and keeping you mentally busy, it is retrograde, which could postpone present plans. Early next week will help considerably to tie up many of the loose ends as the Moon shifts into practical Virgo.

SCORPIO - You might likely feel a bit hassled this weekend with the fiery Leo Moon squaring (in tension) to your sign. Your inner solace will likely be disrupted, so be open to that eventuality. With expansive Jupiter in square to passionate Venus in your sign, there is heightened passion but you could be a bit extreme, so temper your desires if possible Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS - The Leo Moon this coming weekend favors your sign and keeps you in good spirits. You might want to get out and be a bit more social, as this moves you out of your slump. With the airy winds of Mercury/Mars/Sun in Libra, there is increased enthusiasm and a desire to travel and to get out of your normal routine. If possible, get out of Dodge!

CAPRICORN - Everyone is running around and disrupting your normal sense of order, with the Sun/Mars/Mercury all in airy Libra in square (stress) to your sign Capricorn. Try not to take it so personally and let go and enjoy the sparkly, fiery Leo Moon weekend. The Virgo Moon come Monday is stabilizing yet things move slowly during this retrograde Mercury period.

AQUARIUS - You're in a bit of a spin with the airy Mercury/Sun/Mars all in Libra pumping you up Aquarius. This feels pretty energetic and positive, yet Mercury (communication) is now retrograde, which could easily cause misunderstandings, so watch your words, and adopt a more low-key stance from behind the scenes as you tie up loose ends.

PISCES - The Leo Moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter this weekend, which could greatly exaggerate your emotions Pisces with Mercury (communications) presently retrograde in Libra. The earthy Virgo Moon late Sunday/Monday will help to put your feet back on the ground as you attempt to piece together the bits and pieces leftover from last week.

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