Stargazer: Oct. 15-21, 2020

ARIES - The Libra new moon Friday opposes Mars in the heavens and your sign Friday, Aries, which can feel confusing as you are pulled in many directions. Maintain a low profile until the weekend as you will be more decisive and better able to handle the plethora of details piling up in your life.

TAURUS - Finances dominate your thoughts Friday with the Libra new moon influencing your immediate business interests. The weekend demands quality time with loved ones as the Scorpio moon in opposition to your sign brings up deep emotional feelings that need to be expressed. Taurus.

GEMINI - The airy new moon in Libra Friday has you flying with much on your plate as you are feeling motivated and energized. This is conducive to social activity, so get out and enjoy yourself with friends. The weekend is more subdued as the moon shifts into deep, introspective Scorpio.

CANCER - The Libra new moon and Aries Mars on Friday is a bit jarring as they square your sign, and can challenge personal relationships when as you are feeling vulnerable and an impatient. It won't be until the weekend before you experience some relief. Regenerate and share your feelings with loved ones, Cancer.

LEO - You're on top of the world, Leo, as we shift into the Libra new moon Friday. Fiery Mars in Leo and the sun/moon in Aries complement your sign and promote creativity and fun social interaction. By the weekend you settle down and attend to personal needs that have been piling up.

VIRGO - Finances are a major concern Friday as you try to tie things up so as to enjoy your weekend, which will prove to be more relaxing with the moon shifting into Scorpio, which favors your sign. Enjoy the weekend as early week will have you up and running, when you return to your productive life.

LIBRA - The new moon Friday is in your sign cojoining the sun and marks the beginning of a new monthly cycle for you, Libra. Envision what you would like to see happen and plant the seeds of positive intention. The weekend is low key, but early next week will be especially active with the moon sliding into fiery Sagittarius, which energizes you, Libra.

SCORPIO - The Libra new moon Friday can feel disconcerting as the world scurries around you. The weekend is calming as the moon lands in your sign and promotes relaxation. Early week is a bit frenzied but productive as the Sagittarian moon accelerates business activities.

SAGITTARIUS - You might have too much on your plate Friday, Sagittarius, with the new moon/sun in Libra fueling your daily activities. Catch your breath this weekend as early week throws you into a busy routine with the moon entering your sign. You'll be in the flow, so go for it.

CAPRICORN - The Libra new moon Friday can produce anxiety as you juggle many ideas at once. The sun/moon Libra is in square to your sign and keeps you on your toes, but provides the impetuous to get much accomplished. The Scorpio moon this weekend help you to settle into a more reflective stance, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - As we approach the new moon this Friday, there is a renewed sense of cooperation coming from others. This sun/moon conjunction supports your ideas and opens up new opportunities. Get out and support your position as you are in the flow, Aquarius. Trust your instincts!

PISCES - The Libra new moon Friday is a perfect opportunity to resolve differences with those who have obstructed you in the past. The Scorpio moon weekend allows you personal time with those closest to you, so spend quality time with your mate and recoup, as this watery moon nurtures your spirit, Pisces.

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