ARIES - Try to enjoy the Full Moon today in Capricorn, Aries, which is in stress to your sign and will likely bring up some emotional debate during this sensitive Cancer Sun time. It would be best to confront these issues, as they won't go away. By the weekend, you get some relief, as the Moon shifts into airy Aquarius, which favors your sign, promoting a pleasant time of social interaction.

TAURUS - The powerful Full Moon today in Capricorn is grounding, as you reap the harvest of this past month. This favors your sign and allows for introspection as you assess your present situation. With Mercury now direct, you'll find that your plans take off more readily without interruption. The Aquarian Moon weekend could feel distracting, so let go and take personal time out for you.

GEMINI - The earthy Capricorn Full Moon tonight will likely convolute some of your plans, as there is a need to sit back and reflect on the frenzy of this past month. Allowing yourself some inner reflective time will serve you well. The Aquarian Moon weekend favors your sign and lightens things up considerably. Catch up with friends and loved ones Gemini!

CANCER - The Full Moon tonight opposes your sign Cancer and will bring up deep emotions as you seek to balance family relationships. This helps to ground your ideas in reality, as you review and reflect on this past month. The Aquarian Moon weekend will likely pull you out of your normal routine, so let go and enjoy time with friends and family.

LEO - The Capricorn Full Moon today, affords you an opportunity to re-assess your present plans and to come up with a more productive game plan. The Aquarian Moon Weekend opposes your sign and will likely disrupt any plans you may have made, as unexpected guests pop up from out of the blue. By Tuesday/Wednesday you'll be back on track.

VIRGO - As we reach the zenith of the Full Moon in Capricorn today, there is a favorable grounded energetic, which supports your sign. There is finally a sense of completion and accomplishment, as the many loose ends of the past month come together. The weekend would be a great time to catch up with friends, as you have earned it Virgo!

LIBRA - As we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn today, the pressure is on to confront issues you've been putting off Libra. As this Moon opposes the Sun presently in introspective Cancer, there is a sense of being picked on, as these signs jab at you sign and keep you on edge. The Aquarian Moon weekend brings some relief, as you get out and have some fun.

SCORPIO - Happy Full Moon Scorpio! The present Sun position in watery Cancer and the Moon now in earthy Capricorn is supportive and favors your sign. This will provide an opportunity to clearly communicate your feelings, so don't hold back. By this weekend you might pull back into your shell, as the shift of the Moon in Aquarius, could feel a bit disconcerting.

SAGITTARIUS - This intense Capricorn Full Moon today, will likely remind you of the many unfinished projects which have been plaguing you. This would be a perfect time to assess your situation and come up with a workable plan. Life feels much less intense as we approach the weekend and the Moon slides into airy Aquarius, which lightens your load.

CAPRICORN - The Moon peaks to Full Moon tonight in your sign. This intensifies your emotions and could incline you to over-react. Be careful not to over-extend, as you feel pushed and tugged at, which could heighten anxiety. This would be a good time to pull back and to regenerate if possible Capricorn. By the weekend you can break away and distract from present concerns.

AQUARIUS - The Capricorn Full Moon today, might likely stir up some ghosts as this activates your subconscious mind. Take some personal time out to reflect and try to pull back from your busy schedule. The intense Full Moon wanes as we jump into the weekend and falls into your sign, which encourages a break from daily business. This would be a good time to catch up with friends Aquarius

PISCES - As we slip into the Full Moon in Capricorn tonight, there is a general feeling of well-being. Get out and celebrate, as this earthy Moon and watery Cancer Sun complements your sign and affords you a break from the rigors of daily life. The weekend will likely be social and quite busy, as you catch up with friends and loved ones. By early week the Moon falls into your sign, which is creative and upbeat Pisces!

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