ARIES - Pluto opposes the Sun in Cancer all week, which will bring up many business details which require immediate attention. The Libra Moon through Saturday opposes your sign and will force a major decision you've been putting off. Mars/Venus in Leo however, provide the energy and impetus to get things done!

TAURUS - As fiery Mars/Venus moves out of opposition to Saturn (the taskmaster), there is suddenly a sense of relief, as you are feeling less challenged by the Universe and better able to return to some semblance of a routine. The Libra Moon through Saturday, will likely open up some social time, which you've been putting off during this rather stressful period.

GEMINI - The airy Libra Moon today through Saturday, should prove to be uplifting, as this complements your sign and promises a fun, playful breakaway from responsibilities this weekend. With the Sun in Cancer in trine (Harmony) to Neptune; there is a added spark of imagination at work, as you come up with new creative ideas.

CANCER Mid-July Cancer folk might be feeling especially pushed to get things done with Pluto opposing you all week. You're likely more serious than usual, so try to kick back and lighten up during the cheery Libra Moon weekend, which will prove to be a pleasant distraction. Early week has you back on track.

LEO - Saturn the taskmaster has been opposing you July and early August Leo's all year, which has kept you on your toes, but has provided the extra oomph you've needed to tie up important projects. You feel lighter of heart this weekend with the airy Libra Moon offering much needed relief, so kick back and enjoy!

VIRGO - Imaginative, dreamy Neptune in watery Pisces is in positive aspect to the Sun now in watery sensitive Cancer all week, which favors your sign and affords you some down time for introspection and reflection. The Libra Moon weekend is likely to be more social Virgo, so go with flow and let go!

LIBRA - The moody Moon falls in your sign through Saturday, which heightens romantic and social possibilities. As Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) is opposing the Sun through much of this coming week, there could well be an undercurrent of emotional stress building, which will need to be addressed.

SCORPIO - It won't likely be until Sunday before you get a break Scorpio. With the Moon in Libra today through Saturday, there will likely be interruptions as social obligations take center stage. Mid/late November Scorpio's are still feeling the push from fiery Mars/Venus in Leo, which squares your sign and keeps you on your toes.

SAGITTARIUS - It won't be until next week before the Sun shifts into fiery Leo, which favors your sign. The Pluto opposition to the Sun in Cancer all week can feel a bit melancholy, as deep inner memories and feelings are stirred up. The Libra Moon today through Saturday will help to lighten the load, as this airy sign favors you and promotes social activity.

CAPRICORN - Late Capricorns (mid-January through the 21st) might feel a bit pushed as the Pluto opposition Sun in Cancer continues throughout the week and personally opposes you, which invokes deep emotions, yet provides deep reflection as to the present state of things. Enjoy the Libra Moon weekend, which provides some necessary distraction.

AQUARIUS - Saturn continues to spark new ideas as you attempt to upgrade your life plans. This has been quite a year, as you have been working hard to update and to revise your lifestyle. The Libra Moon influence, today through Saturday, provides some fun and social interaction, so enjoy some time out for yourself Aquarius!

PISCES - We're at the last days of watery Sun Cancer time, which has worked well with your energy. The Pluto opposition to the Sun throughout the week could bring up some deep, buried feelings which can be processed and resolved during this powerful configuration. Early week will force a confrontation with something you've been avoiding, so step to the plate and tie up loose ends Pisces!

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