ARIES -This is a rather upbeat time for you Aries, with Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury now in revolutionary Aquarius, which favors your sign. This should prove to be an exceptional year for you, with many new projects brewing! The Sagittarius Moon weekend will likely boost your spirit and provide the energy and enthusiasm you need.

TAURUS - The Capricorn New Moon of next Tuesday supports you with its grounding, practical influence. This would be a perfect time to reassess your present position and to plan out your New Year with practical ideas, which will bring greater order to your life as you proceed with clarity of mind.

GEMINI - As Mercury (the planet of communications) slips into Aquarius Friday, this co-joins Saturn and Jupiter. This triple dose of airy Aquarian energy supports your sign Gemini and will spark many new creative ideas. The Capricorn New Moon next Tuesday would be a perfect time to implement new plans.

CANCER - The Capricorn New Moon next Tuesday opposes your sign, yet provides a clear, objective view of your present life position. This is a great time to strategize your New Year's plans as you ferret out what needs to go as you proceed with a greater sense of order and determination.

LEO - The fiery Sagittarius Moon this weekend favors your sign and provides the energetic push to get things done. Next Tuesday will prompt important business decisions as we approach the New Moon in Capricorn, which demands a practical, grounded approach to your New Year's plans, Leo.

VIRGO - The Capricorn Sun/Moon conjunction next Tuesday (New Moon) greatly enhances your present position as you move quickly and efficiently toward resolution as you tie up many loose ends Virgo. This earthy influence is stabilizing and will assist you in bringing your New Year's plans to fruition.

LIBRA - You're spirits run high this weekend with the fiery Sagittarius Moon favoring your sign and conducive to social interaction. By next Tuesday there could be some consternation as the New Moon in Capricorn corners you with important business matters which will demand your immediate attention.

SCORPIO - With the Moon in your deeply sensitive sign today through Friday, there is finally a chance to withdraw and recoup. The New Moon in Capricorn early next week is conducive to the initiation of new ideas taking root as the New Moon in this earthy sign supports your ideas and allows great productivity.

SAGITTARIUS - You're on fire this coming weekend with the Moon shining in your sign Sagittarius. Get out and have a good time, as the Capricorn New Moon early week will push you in high gear as you seek to create financial order in your life. This would be a good time to catch up with the tedious details in your life.

CAPRICORN - Happy Birthday Capricorn. The New Moon and Sun in your sign early next week pumps you up with drive and momentum as you pursue your goals. This will allow for streamlined efficiency as you accomplish much. Take time out to play and relax this weekend before you jump into the fray.

AQUARIUS - Communicative Mercury moves into your sign Friday and co-joins Saturn/Jupiter in your sign. Late January Aquarians will notice an unusual intensity, as you feel driven toward new ideas which you are eager to initiate. Be careful not to overwhelm your senses as you attempt to do everything at once!

PISCES - You're feeling a bit pushed and hassled this weekend with the Sagittarius Moon jabbing at your psyche. Create personal space and catch your breath, as the New Moon in Capricorn next Tuesday will bring instability and will help to bring in a greater flow and order to your life, as this complements your sign Pisces!

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