ARIES - With the Moon joining up with Mercury/Jupiter and Saturn, there is an urgency, as the airy winds of Aquarius fan your fire Aries. Adopt a more cautious stance as this could ignite impulsive action. By the weekend, you are more subdued with the introspective Pisces Moon calming things down.

TAURUS - With three planets and the Moon piled up in Aquarius, you might feel disrupted as they are in tension (square) to your sign and will likely throw you off track. Pull back and reflect this weekend as you regain composure with the Pisces Moon. By mid-week, you'll be back on track as you build up momentum.

GEMINI - With the Moon slipping into Aquarius today through Friday, there is an acceleration of activities, which could leave you feeling scattered Gemini! You're moving in many directions and can easily lose focus. The dreamy Pisces Moon weekend will bring things to a screeching halt, as you reflect on recent actions.

CANCER - It won't be until the weekend Cancer, before you get a break, as the Moon /Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter in restless Aquarius keeps you on your toes. The Pisces Moon Saturday/Sunday nurtures your watery nature and provides some relief from the madness of the world. Recoup and take time out for personal needs.

LEO - As the Moon hangs out in Aquarius today through Friday, there is an intense concentration of planets in this sign which opposes you Leo. There is little cooperation as you fight an uphill battle. The weekend can leave you feeling unfocused, but you regain your impetuous come Monday, Leo.

VIRGO - With Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus there is a thread of grounded reality in this revolutionary climate with four energies in Aquarius. The Pisces Moon this weekend will provide some inner space for you to reflect and reassemble as you plan your busy week ahead Virgo.

LIBRA - Many new connections will likely spawn many new opportunities Libra, as the Aquarian Moon conjoining Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury today through tomorrow has you all over the place as you weigh your many options. Don't let indecision sabotage legitimate opportunities Libra! The weekend provides a chance to pull back and reflect on the best course of action.

SCORPIO - This would be a perfect time to withdraw into your inner space, as the Moon now in Aquarius until the weekend conjoins Saturn/Jupiter and Mercury. This configuration is in tension to your sign and can leave you feeling anxious and unfocused. The Moon in watery Pisces this weekend will help dispel this heightened anxiety.

SAGITTARIUS - You're lacking energy and likely won't regain momentum until early next week when the Moon shifts into fiery Aries. The dreamy Pisces Moon weekend can afford you some time out for personal needs, so don't fight an uphill battle Sagittarius as you'll be back on track next week, as the Sun moves into airy Aquarius.

CAPRICORN - The Sun slides out of your sign and into Aquarius next week, which conjoins Saturn/Jupiter and Mercury as they corner the zodiac. This restless revolutionary energy could disrupt your plans Capricorn, so be open to the unexpected. Use the nurturing Pisces Moon weekend to refuel and regroup!

AQUARIUS - Just about everything is shifting as you consider some new life options, with the Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in your sign with the Sun joining in the chorus on the 20th. With the moody Moon in your sign Thursday through Friday, there is an intense Aquarian theme of change and movement!

PISCES - As you stand in a whirlwind of frantic frenzy, you likely want to hide away until after the storm with five planets in revolutionary Aquarius. The weekend provides some solace as the Moon moves into your sign and prompts some peace of mind. A perfect weekend for quality time spent with your mate, Pisces!

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