ARIES - With the waning Moon in practical Capricorn this weekend, the "Honey Do" list might seem long as you catch up on home projects. With Mercury now in Aries there will likely be heightened activities by early week as the winds of the Aquarius Moon pushes you back into the world of business.

TAURUS -The earthy Moon in Capricorn this weekend favors your sign and enables you to kick back and regenerate, as you take time out for personal interests. By Monday you are faced with major decisions as you are thrust into important business. It won't be until mid-week before you're back in the flow Taurus.

GEMINI - You're likely up against some resistance through Friday with the Sagittarius Moon opposing you and causing some friction. The Capricorn weekend affords you some time to sit back and take it all in. By Monday/Tuesday, you are clear headed and ready to commit, with the added support of the Aquarian Moon.

CANCER - The Capricorn Moon this weekend opposes you Cancer, which will help bring some resolution, as you weigh your many options. With Mercury joining the Sun and Venus in Aries, there is an added push to get things done, as this fiery energy is relentless, yet can prove to be quite productive.

LEO - With three planets in Aries, there is a boost of energy and enthusiasm as you jump into major projects. The Capricorn Moon weekend will help you to pull all the pieces together as you finalize your plans. By Monday/Tuesday you are a bit overwhelmed as the Aquarian Moon demands decisive action Leo!

VIRGO - The Sagittarius Moon through Friday puts you in a spin as the Sun/Venus and Mercury placement in Aries has you in hyper gear as you tie up a plethora of loose ends. There is finally a break this weekend as the Moon slides into earthy Capricorn and allows for some down time. Be good to you Virgo!

LIBRA - As Mercury, the planet of communication enters Aries this weekend, there is suddenly a triple opposition of planets in Aries opposing you. This leaves you feeling a bit cornered as you are forced off the fence with a major decision. It won't be until early next week before there is any sense of serious movement, as the Aquarian Moon will help to push you forward Libra!

SCORPIO - With Saturn in tension (square) to volatile Uranus, you are likely experiencing much anxiety and restlessness, as you are being pushed past your limits! The Capricorn Moon this weekend will help to quell some of this, as you pull back and attempt to put things in perspective. Take a breath Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS - With Mercury joining the ranks of fiery Venus/Sun in Aries this weekend, you might find there's more going on than you intended. You finally have the energy you need as this energetic spring energy kicks you into high gear! The earthy Capricorn Moon will help you to prioritize and to follow through!

CAPRICORN - This spring time is especially amped up with Mercury/Venus and the Sun now in Aries, which keeps you on your toes with this blast of fiery input. The Capricorn Moon weekend will provide some relief, as you take in the never ending list in front of you Capricorn! Take some time out for you!

AQUARIUS - As Saturn and Jupiter are in your sign, you might likely feel pushed into many life changes, as you question everything. By early next week the Moon slides into your sign and intensifies activities, as initiating Mars in Gemini keeps you in motion. The fiery Sun/Venus/Mercury in Aries is extremely motivating!

PISCES - There won't be a break until the weekend Pisces as the Sagittarius Moon through Friday leaves you feeling hassled. Don't fret as the earthy Capricorn Moon weekend will help you to catch your breath before you dive into an unusually busy week as we get to Monday/Tuesday. Stay with the program as you'll accomplish much.

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