ARIES - The New Moon in Aries Monday is a perfect time to start new projects with the Sun and Moon both in your sign. With Venus/Mercury now in your sign as well, there is an added burst of energy as you run in many directions. It would be best to prioritize as this intense fiery energy could feel overwhelming!

TAURUS - The New Moon in Aries late Sunday/Monday along with Mercury/Venus, could leave you feeling pushed as the world places many demands on you. Try not to let the frenzy get to you Taurus! By Tuesday the Moon is in your sign which helps to stabilize you as you return to your normal routine.

GEMINI - With Mercury/Venus joining up with the Sun and Moon late Sunday/Monday (New Moon) there is a lot going on. Try to pace yourself as you plant the seeds of new ideas which have been percolating. This is an exciting time with new opportunities on the horizon Gemini, so don't delay!

CANCER - The New Moon in Aries late Sunday/Monday could feel stressful as this is in tension (squares) to your sign, which could leave you feeling hassled. Take time out to recoup Friday/Saturday, as the watery Pisces Moon will help you to regenerate before you're pushed into action early next week.

LEO - Spring has sprung and you're on fire Leo, as we approach the Aries New Moon late Sunday/Monday. This is a great time to get away and have a good time with those closest to you. By Tuesday the Moon shifts into Taurus, which will push you into action as you wrestle with a major decision Leo.

VIRGO - The Aries New Moon Sunday will likely lengthen your never-ending list of things to get done. Pace yourself Virgo, as you'll be back in the flow come Tuesday as the Moon shifts into earthy Taurus, which supports you and brings more rhythm and flow to your daily routine.

LIBRA - This New Moon weekend in Aries opposes you Libra and could throw you into indecision, as you feel inundated with the needs of others. Mercury/Venus are also tugging at your sleeve, so best to sit back and meditate on what is most important! Take time out this weekend to catch your breath, before jumping into the fray!

SCORPIO - The dreamy Pisces Moon this weekend will help you regenerate as you prepare for a busy week ahead, being fueled with the Aries new Moon joining up with the Sun/Mercury and Venus. There is a whirlwind of activity around you Scorpio, so stay centered and don't allow others to interrupt your plans!

SAGITTARIUS - You'll likely be feeling upbeat during this New Moon in Aries weekend, which favors your sign. This will help to propel you into action as you attempt to tie up loose ends. There could be some delays early week, as the Moon shifts into steadfast Taurus, bringing in a plethora of minutiae that can't be ignored!

CAPRICORN - Just surrender Capricorn! This New Moon weekend in Aries will likely bring in unexpected interruptions. Don't fight it, as you'll be back on track early next week with the Taurus Moon supporting your normal routine. This is a perfect time to step back and take in all you've accomplished Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - Your airy sign fans the flames of the fiery Aries New Moon weekend. Be careful not to act impulsively, as you are restless and moving in too many directions. This is a great time to catch up on communications and to spend quality time with family and friends. Get out of the house Aquarius!

PISCES - The Moon is in your sign through Saturday, which offers up some down time. Take advantage of this as there is a whirlwind of activity coming in Sunday/Monday with the New Moon in fiery Aries. Try to stick to your plans Pisces and avoid taking on other people's problems, as you have enough on your own.

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