Gaucho Blue opening

Gaucho Blue Gallery is back! "After what seems a long hiatus, we are finally excited to be opening the gallery for the 2021 season," press materials state. Join them Saturday (June 19), from 5 p.m. onwards to view new art, "see the new Gaucho Fibres art studio and chat over some light refreshments. Feel free to bring friends and houseguests, the more the merrier! BTW, we have been fully vaccinated, but if you have not, please be sure to wear a mask. Nick Beason and Lise Poulsen, Gaucho Blue Gallery, 14148 State Road 75, Peñasco 575 587 1076.

Donna Clair at Chimayo Trading Del Norte

"There are few artists who can remain relevant, whose images are fresh and whose realism meets a storybook in the enchanting way that Donna Clair does," press materials state about this "Daughter of Taos." "Her latest paintings speak to her breadth as an artist. Her large paintings are testimony to her patience, each distinct stroke combines to make an atmospheric statement. She represents this land and vast sky with a tenderness born of respect for and appreciation of beauty and the challenge of nature.

"Collectors are enthused by her vigor as she is now in her eighth decade of life and has so much more to share of her talent, her vision, and her warmth which you can feel in any conversation with her," press contines. "Donna Clair is a daughter of Taos, adopted by the mountains she paints. For a breath of fresh mountain air, come to the gallery to experience the newest work from one of our own: Donna Clair." New extended store Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Sunday 11:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. #1, St Francis Church Plaza, Ranchos de Taos. Call 575-758-0504.

Steinbach at Stables

Robbie Steinbach's solo exhibit started out "in homage to the late Taos artist Melissa Zink," Steinbach says in her artist statement. "During our last conversation in 2009, she mentioned that she wished she had returned to Portugal. I had no idea that she had ever traveled abroad; in the few years that I knew Melissa, she seldom left her beautiful book-lined home or her light-filled studio. She saw her art studio as refuge, and once said that 'it is the one place where the world goes away' ...

"Ten years after Melissa's passing, I spent a month traveling in Portugal alone. I walked, read Jose Saramago, took photographs. I was a 'spiritual voyeur' in the Convento dos Capuchos, the ancient monastery where doors and ceilings are lined with cork from the nearby dark forest.

"This voyage of mine was completed before a global pandemic stopped our world. But while creating the final images in isolation - the photographs, the prints, the photo tiles, and the artist book - I sometimes felt I was in "the land of communal dreaming" that Saramago wrote about.'"

Steinbach's 'Soliloquy,' shows daily through June 20, 2-5 p.m. (or by appointment) at Stables Art Gallery, 133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. Contact 575-770-2569 or

- Compiled by Virginia Clark

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