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Amber Thomas gets creative with a roomful of kids at Twirl.

After almost 18 months of closure, Twirl is hoping to reopen its doors in early July.

Twirl used its mandated closure to proceed with some significant construction and maintenance projects. Expect to see some changes when you next visit! While we cannot provide an exact reopening date (we have learned that construction in a pandemic is an imprecise affair), we are confident that we will be able to welcome families back soon after July 4.

This is welcome news to Taos families. "Every time we drive by Twirl, my daughter Skyler asks me when Twirl will reopen! She can't wait to go back!" remarks Kat Cross. "Twirl provides a space for community healing, and families are all so hungry for community and healing."

Twirl's youngest members rejoice too. "I am going to play so much and see all my friends. I can't wait!" exclaimed 4-year-old Garnet when she found out Twirl would be reopening.

The toy store will move back into the main location. The indoor playroom, which will now be located downstairs for ease of access, will remain closed until the fall and Twirl's outdoor playspace will re-open with limited hours to start.

Twirl's outdoor playspace schedule provides two play options for families. "Open Play" and "Little Twirlers." Open Play sessions (times below) are for families of all ages and there is no need to reserve space or register.

Two mornings a week, the outdoor playspace will be reserved for a new program called "Little Twirlers." This is a playtime for babies, toddlers and preschoolers only. These Little Twirlers time slots will provide the opportunity for children ages 0-6 to enjoy a quieter time in Twirl's beautiful playspace.

This program is not a class, but an invitation for our littlest members to enjoy a variety of curated play activities designed to promote growth and curiosity in a social setting. Children and caretakers are free to play, explore and participate as they wish.

Little Twirlers will be encouraged to build block towers and then knock them down, to engage in sensory activities that might get messy, look at books, play with puppets, wash and sort laundry, and so much more!

Little Twirler mornings will be limited to 30 people. You will be able to reserve space through Twirl's online reservation system, coming soon. Walk-ins may be admitted if space allows but cannot be guaranteed.

For all our guests, please remember that the majority of children visiting Twirl are in an age group that is not currently eligible for vaccination. Therefore, for the safety of all visitors and staff members, there will be COVID-19 safety protocols in place including the requirement, at the time of writing, that all guests aged 2 years and over wear face masks, regardless of vaccine status.

We have added sanitizing stations to our playspace. Water fountains will not be operating. Visitors are welcome to bring water bottles, but no food is permitted on the premises at this time. We request all visitors respect and observe all current posted guidelines.

If you are not ready or able to join us at our location, but would like to create your own Little Twirlers sensory exploration at home, try out these ideas using pasta!

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