Over the past few years, Twirl has been doing family engagement neighborhood parties in Connie White's yard on Straight Arrow Road. Connie, along with Siena Sanderson and Jesus Rosales, would help us get the word out and do the activities.

White is the first-grade teacher at Enos Garcia Elementary and a fantastic champion teacher. Rosales is a Twirl summer camp alumnus and we have enjoyed his company in many of our programs. Sanderson works with kids in the Nurturing Center at EGES.

Oh, how much fun we have had at these events making, creating and exploring! We miss our friends and these fun times, so we asked White and Rosales to contribute to the "At Home with Twirl and Friends" column. White and Rosales collected drawings and paintings from kids on Straight Arrow Road and shared some words. It makes us feel so happy and connected. We hope you enjoy them, too.

"I met Jesus Rosales through Siena on March 20 delivering food to families in my neighborhood on Straight Arrow Road," said White. "This was the start of schools being closed. Jesus attends Taos Middle School. I am honored to have met this awesome, active, caring teen. He knows so many families and cares so much about the people, adults and children in this neighborhood.

"I also am blessed to have made connections with so many families in my neighborhood. This pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to make connections we may not have made during past times. Every time I have to deliver food, Twirl items, learning supplies, books and art supplies with Jesus these connections grow, just like seeds into food or beauty.

"So, Jesus decided to ask the children of these families if they would participate in sharing writing or artwork they have done during this stay-at-home time. We hope to keep this going."

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