Ken Feldman is an artist and owner of Crookedman Studio and Gallery, at 417 Camino de la Placita.

His plein air painting has been called "action landscape painting" and reflects the mythic light and dramatic skies found in the high desert of Northern New Mexico.

Feldman has kept himself busy all summer painting the great outdoors, staying safely away from the crowds.

Now that he's back in the gallery, we shot him a couple of questions by email.

Can you tell us a little about these new works?

So, my work has been called action landscape painting and these are two good examples of that. I connect to different locations here in Northern New Mexico with its brilliant sunlight and coloring. I pour, brush and move around my paint forming pools and rivers of color and movement.

The Gorge painting is something I haven't explored until just this month - so many tourists - but I went early morning about 7 a.m. maybe three weeks ago when no one else there and the light was softer, but also deep contrast in shadows, of course. It's one I like for its "local" color and depth. I just finished the yellow "Rabbit Bush" - a lot of "mark-making" and energy - connected to intense sky. I think it works.

How are you holding up in this time, and what creative changes/solutions have you implemented ?

Mostly, I just keep my head down here and paint, every day. So the pandemic hasn't changed my routine much - just more so. Not many people stopping by the studio, but I've been fortunate in selling some to clients and collectors, and some online. It's sustainable.

Crookedman is online at

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