Photography magazine: 'Twenty-Four Hours: A Day in the Life of Taos'

Rebecca Córdova cleaning up after a bake sale outside Super Save Foods to raise money to support the children of Celeste Montoya, who was recently killed in a car accident. Photograph by Jim O'Donnell from 'Twenty-Four Hours: A Day in the Life of Taos.' Courtesy The Taos News

The assignment was intriguing. And when it was posed to a select group of Taos photographers, it was something none of them could pass up.

"Taos is blessed with being home to many talented and illustrious photographers," The Taos News Special Sections Editor Scott Gerdes said. "Twelve of them were asked to participate in a new project -- a challenge, if you will -- by The Taos News: Capture Taos and its environs in photos during a specific time block over a 24-hour period."

On Thursday (Feb. 28), travel around with the lauded photographers, seeing what they saw as Taos goes about its day and night from 6 p.m. on Jan. 4, 2019 to 6 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2019. All of that is in a special publication called "Twenty-Four Hours: A Day in the Life of Taos."

Inside this inaugural edition are the beautiful and poignant fruits of their labor and displays of love for a place.

"This publication is an endearing, up close and personal scrapbook of a unique, unpretentious Southwestern town. It's what your coffee table is missing," Gerdes said.

Plan to get your free copy of "Twenty-Four Hours" when it hits newsstands inside the Thursday (Feb. 28) edition of The Taos News This is sure to become an instant keepsake.

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