Sam Deuel is an award-winning artist who is inspired by his travels and family, and especially the Paleolithic era and "the marks cave painters left on the world," he says.

From a family of artists, who have had a reputation as significant contributors to the art world since the 1950s, Deuel grew up in an art-driven environment, surrounded by beautiful paintings and sculpture, and was encouraged to create from a young age.

Recognized in the Southwestern art community for his uniquely inspired work, Deuel says he approaches each new project with "a positive attitude, reliable technique and a lot of imagination."

Not surprisingly, he caught the eye of long-time Taos gallerist Michael McCormick, who champions the late Bill Rane, another artist known for contemporary work informed by the past.

"Deuel is perhaps best known for combining modern media with ancient imagery to create unique, limited edition works that replicate cave paintings on stone," says McCormick who represents the artist exclusively in Taos.

For more information visit the Michael McCormick Gallery online at

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