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Lowrider culture is alive in Northern New Mexico

The Arroyo Seco Live experience, Low 'N' Slow, is giving students the chance to explore the vibrant lowrider culture through their collaboration with STEMarts Lab in an effort made possible by The Revolt Gallery Giving Fund.

Low 'N' Slow is an interactive art experience hosted by Arroyo Seco Live and curated by Toby Morfin. The exhibition intends to increase the representation of minority and emerging artists throughout varied mediums in a unique, socially distant and family friendly way. Over 30 pieces of art are on display since June 13 and will go on until Oct. 10.

Highlights of this exhibition include "Second Sundays in Seco" celebration which features a changing of the cars bringing in a new lowrider each month, live music such as Concepto Tambor, Katy P and The Business, Jimmy Stadler and more, a maker's market featuring local artisans and great food and local spirits by The Rolling Still Distillery.

The Arroyo Seco Live Board was moved by the overwhelming student response in their recent challenge to connect a diverse segment of students all over Northern New Mexico with the world of science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts in an extremely creative way, through the world of lowrider hydraulics and art.

Cecilia Cuff of Arroyo Seco Live, Agnes Chavez of STEMarts, Toby Morfin the show's curator accompanied by Orlando Martinez, prolific lowrider and hydraulic specialist are making visits across the Enchanted Circle to present engineering and art in a truly unique way.

Arroyo Seco Live, a nonprofit based in Northern New Mexico, is seeking to teach people about the art and culture of lowriders. A database of knowledge was put together to help participants imagine their own design of lowrider that could do anything from involving nature, be sustainable, celebrate arts and culture or showcase a unique design. One of these activities is the much anticipated Low 'N' Slow Design Challenge, created in partnership with STEMarts Lab. This program is made possible, in part, by a generous donation from the Revolt Gallery Giving Fund.

The Low 'N' Slow Design Challenge exposes students to the science, technology, and art behind lowrider cars. STEMarts will use their online platform, STEMart Curriculum Tool, to engage teachers with New Mexico lowrider artists. They will also be assisted by lowrider engineers who will teach students about the basics of hydraulics operating systems and the design of lowrider cars.

The Low 'N' Slow Design Challenge involves students imagining and making a design of their own lowrider cars. The theme for the challenge is "Lowrider of the Future," where they will be challenged to apply the knowledge they learn about technological innovations and design a lowrider that is more sustainable for the future.

The students will be required to create their designs on a specific 11" x 17" paper which will be delivered to the schools. Only designs on this paper will be accepted, and all entries should be submitted by Sept. 25. A panel of judges ranging from teachers to engineers to artists will judge the entries and award students with scholarships at the final Second Sunday in Seco event on Oct. 10. Some participating schools in the challenge are Vista Grande High School, Taos High School, Peñasco Middle School, Anansi Charter School, Taos Charter School, Taos Integrated School of the Arts and Taos Cyber Magnet School.

Students are also encouraged to visit some of Arroyo Seco Live's Low 'N' Slow outdoor exhibitions as well as The Harwood Museum of Art's Santo Lowride exhibition. The Low 'N' Slow experience promises participants an overall unforgettable interactive art experience.

The team coordinating this initiative is actively visiting schools to build awareness about the Lowrider design program, two visits scheduled for Sept. 13, 2021. Below are the locations and presentation times.

Vista Grande High School

213 Paseo del Cañon E.

Presentation time: 8-9:30 a.m.

Taos High School

134 Cervantes Street (at the rear of the building)

Presentation Time: 10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

To learn more about the Low 'N' Slow Design Challenge or to donate to this initiative, visit Arroyo Seco Live's website or contact Cecilia Cuff at cecilia@secolive.org.

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