Beyond the creative impulse, some artists explore through their work how they can transmute their talent to serve a higher purpose. For Navajo artist Sheldon Harvey, he seeks to create a bridge with his work toward a universal appreciation and understanding of creation and why we are here, conforming to Dińe cosmogony and folklore.

“In the late 1990s and early 2000, I observed people consumed with wealth and wars, prosperous and poor, getting lost. They didn’t understand or question where they came from. When I started making art, I wanted to bring back traditional values of humanity in my work. We share this planet, and are the same, yet we are unique, and must honour our differences. All creatures have a vocabulary, it’s just expressed differently. My grandfather, Leo Harvey, was a futurist, and a man of few words, but he was wealthy. He told me the secret to real wealth is being with your wife and having children and being close to creation.”

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Alice Robison

Congratulations to Sheldon Harvey! We will definitely be down to see his talent on display!

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