Courtesy Kate Martin

Dancer Bodhi Fogden will perform onstage at the TCA for Project 2020

Livestreamed in partnership with Taos Center for the Arts' Taos Community Auditorium for one night only, the accomplished dancers of Ballet Taos and the seasoned actors of Teatro Serpiente return to the stage, to present the next installment of PROJECT 20/20 - a collaborative fundraising project that produces extraordinary art from across genres for our community, by our community.

"This project was created in the face of stark realities facing the creative community," says Megan Yackovitch, director of Ballet Taos.

As a nonprofit arts organization, Ballet Taos found itself ineligible for government stimulus initiatives, unable to produce work or continue educational programs.

"This is not an isolated phenomenon," Yackovitch notes. "Artists across the nation are being failed in the wake of systemic failures on the part of our fragile capitalist institutions."

Ballet Taos, in association with the TCA and TAC, launched Project 20/20 as a platform to raise funds for local artists and programs, looking at this unprecedented time as a new opportunity to distribute creativity and innovative work.

"Broadband availability has almost doubled in Taos County in response to the reality of schooling during a global pandemic," Yackovitch points out. "For the first time ever, we are able to reach out to our entire community in their own homes."

All proceeds go directly to contributing artists, the Taos Community Auditorium and Ballet Taos in an effort to keep the arts alive and available through the pandemic.

"This reciprocal relationship enriches the lives of our viewers who in turn sustain our local arts ecosystem," she explains.

After the great success of their first event, this continuation of the project takes audiences into the spooky mythology of the season. In this performance, they will explore "a strange world of birds and beasts, mystery and mayhem, intrigue and beauty, woven together expertly on the stage of the Taos Community Auditorium," Yackovitch says.

Featured works by Shakespeare and originally composed drama will fuse dance, film, song and spectacle in this dreamlike theatrical experience.

See Megan Yackovich's reinterpretation of the classic ballet 'The Firebird,' set to the chilling and complex score by Igor Stravinsky juxtaposed with theatrical shorts by Teatro Serpiente featuring actors Serene Smith, Adam Overley, Rich Greywolf, Kate Martin, Ken MacNamara, and Katy Palmer. The performance includes a musical piece by Jason Seck, as well as an adventurous Cyr-wheel piece by dancer Zac Bigbee.

Viewers will be able to stream a live video feed of the performance on any device from any location.

-- Staff report

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