Art never sleeps, nor, as The Paseo Project's J. Matt Thomas notes, is it ever canceled, and in Taos that's especially true.

All through the pandemic, artists have continued to create, as the Harwood Museum's current "Contemporary Art/Taos 2020" exhibit proves. The museum's galleries are presently filled with exclusively locally and regionally made work, a testament to Taos' legendary status as an art colony of import.

203 Fine Art, a bastion of contemporary art in Taos, at 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite i, has over the years held shows in conjunction with and support of the museum's contemporary exhibits of both locally based and visiting artists.

In conjunction with this current show, 203 Fine Art presents an annex exhibition featuring five of the two dozen local artists who were juried into the Harwood Museum's current "Contemporary Art/Taos" exhibition.

The artists invited to participate in this exhibition are Monique Belitz, Paul O'Connor, Sasha vom Dorp, Afton Love and Dean Pulver. Together they represent a diverse range of artwork - from wood sculpture, conceptual photograph and large-scale drawings to mixed-media collages and geometric assemblage.

If you have seen the show at the Harwood, this will be an opportunity to see the pieces in a more intimate setting, along with the chance to connect with the artists themselves.

This exhibition, in cooperation with the Harwood Museum of Art, will benefit the museum, with 20 percent of proceeds from sales being donated to the museum's collections fund.

"203 Fine Art and the artists involved in this exhibition hope to support the Harwood's ongoing mission to bring art and culture to the Taos community by preserving and collecting artworks inspired by, and made in Northern New Mexico.

"In addition, 203 Fine Art is pleased to offer a commercial venue for these artists to present their work to the collecting public, and to support contemporary art in Taos," said Eric Andrews, the gallery owner.

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