Tempo Arts

Fiesta show

The next exhibition planned at Studio 107-B is titled "Red, White and Brown." Gallery owner-director Maye Torres announces that it is being mounted to honor the tricultural heritage …

Natural connections

Four women artists all feel a strong connection to nature and to each other. They've come together to spread their wings and try out some new ideas. Each artist is experimenting, …

The flavor of color

There is a psychology to color. Some will elevate our mood, and others will cast a somber shadow. Often, color underscores our memories and emotions, either intentionally or …


Iconic is the very definition of fine art photographer and photojournalist Terry Fiala. Taos and the Southwest are in his bones and fill his imagery to overflowing.You've walked where he shot "The …

You want how much for that?

What goes into an artist's price for their work? How to price art is not often spoken about. Few written guidelines for how to price art exist, but in some ways much about …

Going for it

Taos artist Teruko Wilde's new work is evocative. Her canvas and brush strokes seem to harness the momentum of time and light. Her use of color is bold. The new show is titled "In …
Fine art

Feast for eyes and ears

What inspired an interactive event with the unlikely juxtaposition of "Print and Piano" in its name? "It's all about alliteration," quipped artist and Studio 107-B proprietor Maye …

With 40 years of making art in Taos, Mark Strong has a homecoming at the Harwood

Mark Strong's artwork is so well-known throughout Taos that, even though this is his first time exhibiting at the Harwood Museum of Art, a few of his pieces are already in its …

Collector reveals rare treasures by the late Taos artist Bill Gersh

The self-described outlaw artist, poet and former member of Magic Tortoise Commune in La Lama, Bill Gersh would have been 75 on July 15.His daughter Georgia is the owner of the …
Art talk

Virginia Couse Leavitt plans art talk at Harwood Museum

Summer art colony sojourns were all the rage in France in the 1900s. Students and professional artists flocked to the French countryside to paint and beat the Paris heat. Michigan …

Works by Suzanne Wiggin at Fechin Studio

'Chasing God" might be one way of explaining what Suzanne Wiggin does in her art work. "In Pursuit," the title of her new exhibit of oil paintings and ink monotypes at the Taos …
Fine art

By native hands

The Taos Society of Artists put this dusty little town on the map in the early part of the 20th century by conveying to the world the look, feel and texture of our people through …
Tempo Books
Literary arts

Creative exchange

Once upon a time, the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque in collaboration with the D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives hosted an annual writers conference in Taos called the Taos …

Memoir of women’s movement offers personal insight

New Mexico author Sabra Moore’s vividly illustrated memoir chronicling 22 years of her life, art, and collaboration with other women artists at the center of New York City’s “second feminist wave” is the focus of a presentation this week at SOMOS.

Second time around

The working styles and perspective on their own mortality could not be more divergent between the authors John Nichols and Natalie Goldberg.Nichols is nocturnal. He "comes alive at …

Live and let live

Matthew (Matt) Barnes said he believes cattle can coexist with keystone predators, such as wolves and grizzly bears on the Western landscape. His research suggests that one of the …
Literary arts

Joe Hayes to appear at UNM-Taos

The University of New Mexico-Taos will host Joe Hayes, award-winning author and a nationally recognized teller of bilingual Spanish-English stories that draw from Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures.
Tempo Culture

The power of one

Mary Harris Jones (1837-1930) is a historical figure most commonly known as Mother Jones. In the early 1900s, she emerged as an outspoken labor organizer. She rallied on behalf of …

Shakespearean fantasy

Get ready to slip into the sultry Tuscan night and cool forests of Monte De Athens with director Karen Thibodeau, The Taos Children's Theatre and Taos Youth Ballet. Thibodeau and her …

Taos author commissioned by the Tatar Ministry of Culture

Amid the 2018 FIFA world cup, in an interview on the national evening news, Taos resident Sam Burke-Favreo speaks with Dimitri Torov, a Russian sports anchor about his book, "The …
Outdoor festival

Cool off at this weekend's Bacon and Brews Festival

Recently, Taos chef Wilkes Medley was in a quandary in the kitchen of the restaurant he and pastry chef and wife Collen own (Medley. in El Prado.) He pondered as he paced, "What could …

Fun and funky: A Fourth of July Parade like no other

Arroyo Seco's Independence Day parade is a fun and funky way to celebrate our national holiday.It's a party, pure and simple. And animals are back! Burros, horses, …

Fire and fury

If you were in Taos around 2000, you may remember when Guillermo Gomez-Peña created a stir with his unique brand of radical Chicano performance art. Well, he’s back and the years …

Tasty little pillows of delight

Sopapillas. When you bite into one of these delicious pastries, expertly prepared, you know it. A universal facial expression of pure bliss appears, accompanied by a silent reverie of all that is …
Tempo Film

Movie review: "Skyscraper"

What's not to like? Dwayne Johnson is a cool dude. He can do comedy, drama (sorta), and outrageous action; and with his massive physique and chiseled good looks, he commands …

Movie review "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom"

Once upon a time, a wealthy philanthropist named John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) had an idea for an amusement park that would change the world. So, playing God, he used …

Movie review - 'The Incredibles 2'

Helen and Bob Parr are your typical early 1960's couple. They work hard while raising a preteen daughter, a precocious boy, and a rambunctious toddler ...

Movie review: "Hereditary"

In the new horror feature, "Hereditary," family plays an important role not only because it forms the backdrop for a paranormal mystery, but because it shapes the characters created by writer-director Ari Aster.

Movie review: 'Adrift'

One might imagine a film having a minimal cast to be ideal. In the case of "Adrift," there is the added appeal of working with two attractive actors beloved by fans eager to …

Movie review: 'Solo'

The question about how Han Solo could make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs is finally answered. Now, snooty know-it-alls pontificating over how "a parsec is not a …

Movie review: 'Deadpool 2'

For this writer, falling for the "Deadpool" movies is a rather uncomfortable guilty pleasure.On one hand, I haven't laughed this hard at any movie in a really long time. On …
Tempo Music

Genuine Americana

The ride may take you through some disheartening sights. Traveling east from Taos to Cimarrón, New Mexico along U.S. 64 you'll probably see some of the devastation from the …

Ranky Tanky comes to Taos

From the top of American jazz charts, Ranky Tanky weaves their musical magic Thursday (July 19) at the Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership.

The buttery sound of jazz

Renowned for his lush buttery tone, soaring lyricism and dexterous technique, Dmitri Matheny has been lauded as "one of the most emotionally expressive improvisers of his generation" …

Reggae and gothic grooves

Come explore the folk-rock borderlands with Taos' own Bone Orchard, a band that loves the shadowy places of the romantic West and all it represents in our collective psyche. Then, let down your hair …

Heavenly boys

Los Lonely Boys hardly need an introduction in Taos. The band of brothers has been coming to our town for a long time, and when they do, they are wrapped up in a warm Taos …

Hampton aims to please old – and new – country music fans

A well-known book offers the advice, "Do what you love, the money will follow." This is not for the faint of heart as R.W. Hampton learned the day he …

Rock and soul music

This week's Taos Plaza Live offers up three hours of local, live music, instead of the usual two. Singer-songwriter Jennifer Peterson takes the stage at 5:30 p.m. backed by the Andrews, Morel & …
Tempo Review
Movie review

Raw nerve

The producers of "The First Purge" want to poke a raw nerve with a sharp stick. And whether you flinch when they do could determine whether you take this movie as an elaborate …

Movie review: 'Sicario: Day of the Soldado'

The first sequence in the "Sicario" sequel seems straight out of the POTUS playbook for why "the wall" must be built. Middle Eastern terrorists are shown sneaking over the …
What's Spinning

Big Apple to the wide open spaces

This week, we go from the streets of NYC to the the cold of the great plains to discover two interesting bands.

Diversity hire

Bright Tempo grade: B- The line between comedy and serious drama is as thin as a fairy’s wing, and in the new Netflix original movie, “Bright,” the difference is even thinner. …

Snake eyes

There are a few laughs in the new Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler comedy, but they are almost accidental and surely not part of the script that seems to have been scribbled on 3-inch-by-5-inch cards in …

Into the deep

There isn’t a whole lot to Johannes Roberts’ shark-bait thriller, “47 Meters Down.” The actors are middle-of-the-road. The plot is “Jaws”-light. And, because the …

Idle hands

  Mothers and their children — good, bad, saintly or incredibly, violently evil — have always been at the core of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” saga. Even the …