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Do you have a closet, storage shed, garage or even an entire house that has turned into a Bermuda Triangle for clutter? Ronald Usherwood has answers. He owns Taos Estate Sales. His life's work is helping people liquidate, downsize and close estates. Tempo asked him a few questions about how it works. Here are his edited answers. more
Taos in summer is a living pageant of near weekly concerts and events, centered around Kit Carson Park. This summer, of course, will be different. Town Manager Rick Bellis said, "Nothing is happening till at least Labor Day." more
The missive from Salon X in Tempo's mailbox alerted us to the fact that it was time to start thinking about hair trims and other seemingly frivolous matters. more
Each Friday during the school year I share with staff, volunteers, nonprofits and contracted personnel who work with our students at Roots and Wings Community School a communication titled "Solid Roots, Fluttering Wings," which reviews the past week and previews the coming week. The goal is to reflect on challenges and to celebrate successes, while preparing to deliver a richer educational experience for our students and a more gratifying professional experience for our educators in the weeks ahead. What it means to be "solidly grounded" or "fluttering with enthusiasm" has changed significantly in the last two months. more
Given the many uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and best practices to keep our communities and loved ones safe during these unprecedented times, Dennis Hopper Day 2020 has been cancelled. more
"One day I was rehearsing, sewing, set designing and building, and the next day my calendar was blank." These are the words of Kristen Woolf, director, actor, set designer, trained opera singer and performer. When recognition of the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic hit, she was mid-sentence directing Edward Albee's "Seascape" for Taos Onstage. "I had a wonderful cast and we were a few weeks into rehearsal, planning to open mid-April 2020. I was also doing the sets and the costumes." more
Of all the myriad possibilities, by what magic do only certain things actually occur? Read the latest predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces! more
The Taos News and Tempo are asking that you videotape yourself doing what you do; draw a line, spin your wheel, throw paint, blow your horn, strum that guitar or banjo, make your voice or violin sing, slam that poem or read that story in progress. Post it to YouTube or TikTok and share the link with us! This is open to anyone in Taos County and the Enchanted Circle. more
The Spanish flu swept through Taos 102 years ago and a curandera named Maggie Mascareñas saved many lives. She lived in Cañón when I knew her in the 1970s and she was already old. Back then I was an enjarradora, a traditional mud plasterer, and I did adobe restoration jobs. I was working on a very old building whose owner hired me on condition I put a certain relative on the job. I soon realized why. Nobody else would ever have hired him - I found beer cans in the straw. He got on his horse during the lunch hour one day, drunk, and got bucked off. more
Our house sits surrounded by fruit trees, on two quiet acres with a spectacular view of the mountains. It's large enough that its two, sometimes four, occupants don't feel crowded but not too large that some rooms are superfluous. The decor reminds one friend of a Bedouin tent. It's not without its problems. The man who built it consulted neither an architect nor his wife when designing it, nor did he think to put space for a refrigerator in the kitchen, and the living room is weirdly narrow. more
With Mother's Day upon us, we've curated an issue dedicated to all the mothers who are experiencing "COVID fatigue," a real malady, if not as dangerous as the virus itself. more
Arron Shiver was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 40 some years ago, and spent a great deal of his youth in Taos. Here is where he discovered acting quite early on in life at high school with famed Taos High School drama teacher Nancy Jenkins, and in the rich community theater that has long thrived here. He was married for several years, to artist Anaïs Rumfelt (who appears on our cover with their son, Jackson). He has appeared in many motion pictures and television shows, as well as onstage. He lives in Los Angeles but visits often. His mother, Melody Swann, founder of Cowgirls Design, still lives here, and Jackson Shiver splits his time between LA and Taos. more
Which way does your trail turn through the whistling forest? Read the latest predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces! more
As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to turn our normal routines inside out, one thing has become very clear - face coverings are becoming the new normal.The fashion world was onto this … more
Taos poet and teacher Lise Goett conjures up poetry in response to COVID-19. more
Taos Children’s Theater is living proof that the show must and can still go on. In response to the COVID-19 lockdown, director Karen Thibodeau and assistant directors Victoria Ortiz and Christopher Heron developed a Zoom format for rehearsing their current production of "The Dancing Princesses." They envisioned a video possibility for the final production, and then it all came together. more
As an indigenous woman, it is hard to feel the storm of COVID-19 moving through my homelands. Before I share my treatise on this experience, however, I want to acknowledge that my words are being published and distributed on the traditional homelands of the Tiwa people. more
Think back to a moment when your mother or father, or maybe a loving grandparent or teacher, told you a story. Do you remember it? What feelings do you associate with it? If you're like most people, you will recall those moments with evident fondness. Why? The story itself probably had little to do with it. More likely, it was the love and attention that poured out from that caring adult that helped you feel safe and warm. more
Veronica Golos is a founding co-editor of the Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, former poetry editor for the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and core faculty at Tupelo Press' Writers Conferences. more
The 19 in COVID-19 may signify the number of pounds I gain during the lockdown. My cousins' WhatsApp group chat is so full of photos of our kitchen creations it's like a food porn site. This preoccupation with food reminds me of when I was teaching English in Tokyo. Though my fellow American teachers and I loved Japanese food, there were certain foods we missed. Sometimes when we got together we'd obsess about our favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies, or brownies, or pancakes, or apple pie. more
'To be a poet is a condition, not a profession." That quote is attributed to Robert Graves, and if one does in fact have the courage to call oneself a poet, they most probably would agree. It's a heavy weight to bear, and few carry it lightly. So while April (National Poetry Month), draws to a close, we here at Tempo are celebrating all things poesy, and honoring the poets who bring forth the muse's gifts. more
What wishes and worries wind toward your door? Read the latest messages for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces! more
I painted this in 2016 and it isn't the first painting that seemed to be eerily prophetic. Kurt Vonnegut says artists are like the canaries miners used to take underground to warn them of poisonous gasses humans can't detect. more
For a time, I had four large plastic pots in my sun-soaked living room. I arranged them in a square and put a chair in the middle. In the pots I grew a jungle of shapely tomato plants, basil, thyme, carrots, daikon radishes and a random assortment of flowers. At some point I lost count of the hours I sat in that chair bathing in the tonic of the plant-laced scents of petrichor. more
What marvels and perils lurk around the next bend? Read the latest prophecies for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces! more
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