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Katharine Egli  Matachinas is a dramatic dance whose origins are more Spanish than American Indian having originated in Spain during the 16th century. It is based on a drama that was written about the conversion of the Moors to Christianity. The Pueblo will choose to feature either Matachinas or the Deer Dance on Christmas Day at a time to be determined.
Taos Aglow

Twelve days of a Taos Christmas

Taoseños are known for getting people to gather for events and causes, and in no other time of year is that more true than during the winter holidays. No matter what is going on in the outside …
Oil painting "Taos Aglow" by Seamus Berkeley. Watch a time-lapse video of the painting-in-progress at

Taos Aglow – our annual holiday guide

When people are asked the age-old question, “What do you want for Christmas?” many respond with a material item or two, or money. Some, in honesty, say “good health,” …
Taos Aglow

Fun Quiz: So you think you know Santa?

Test your Santa knowledge in this fun 10-question quiz!
Courtesy Angel Fire Resort  Hop on skis or a board and ho-ho-ho down the Angel Fire slopes with Santa on Christmas Eve day.

Kids Aglow

From an epic train ride to ornament making, Taos has a number of festive activities to have some Christmas fun with your children and relive holiday magic through your child’s eyes. Here is …
Katharine Egli  "Um, Santa? I'd like peanut-butter flavored bones, peanut butter cookies and a jar of peanut butter please." Santa will listen to all of your pet's wishes and sit for a photo on Dec. 8 at the John Dunn House Shops and on Dec. 15 at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa. Both events will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Proceeds benefit Stray Hearts Animal Shelter.

Giving Aglow

Taking action to benefit those less fortunate is a year-round need across town, the country and around the world. The holiday season, however, tends to enhance the plight of others often causing a …
Courtesy Disney  On Dec. 19, the story of Mary Poppins continues.

Big screen cheer

Had your fill of "A Christmas Story" this season? Maybe the kids are even done with "Frosty the Snowman" and "Elf" for another year. If so, then you're in luck as — in true Hollywood form …
Taos News file photo/Katharine Egli  Experience a dynamic fun-filled radio show of yesteryear performed by local actors from Taos Onstage with Foley sound effects, musical accompaniment and authentic 1940’s commercial spots.

Stages Aglow

Taos is art, and that includes music and performance. Taos is also about tradition. Put all of that together and you get holiday- and inspirationally themed events unlike any …
A statue of the Virgin Mary is carried through the Taos Pueblo Plaza during the annual Christmas Eve Procession.
Taos Aglow

Faith-based tradition: Taos Pueblo Procession of the Virgin Mary

Once the riflemen signal the birth of Christ, they part the crowd to allow passage for the procession featuring a statue of the Virgin Mary hoisted high upon a dais.
Joseph and Mary embark on their journey to find shelter from San Francisco de Asís Church during the Las Posadas re-enactment in 2017.
Taos Aglow

Faith-based tradition in Taos: Las Posadas

From Dec. 16 through 24, Las Posadas is performed over the nine consecutive nights before Christmas. Las Posadas are held in different churches and parishes around Taos as well as select private homes.
The cast sings their final song at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church during a past "Los Pastores."
Taos Aglow

Faith-based tradition in Taos: Los Pastores

The longtime local favorite Christmas play “Los Pastores,” which revolves around the shepherds’ journey to Bethlehem in search of the baby Jesus, delivers on good will...
People of all faiths are invited to the Peace Chanukah event at St. James Episcopal Church in Taos.
Taos Aglow

Faith-based tradition in Taos: Peace Chanukah

This 17th annual inspirational gathering of many faiths takes place at St. James Episcopal Church, 208 Camino de Santiago, Taos on Dec. 5 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Christmas Eve at San Francisco de Asís Church taken by John Collier Jr. in 1942. "I believe Christmas is the most important day of the year. It is a commemoration of the coming of Our Lord."
Taos Aglow

Memories of a Christmas Past

In the past, during my parents' early years,  people celebrated Christmas in a very different way than we do today. It was a time for worship, people getting ready for the coming of the Messiah, Christ our King.
Taos Aglow

Recipe: The crispy, cinnamon and anise biscochito

The common history of the biscochito begins in Spain, where they are apply known as mantecados — manteca means lard. Conquistadors brought the treat with them in the 16th century.
La Malinche amid the Matachines dancers
Taos Aglow

Hispanic yuletide customs in Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado have always had a steady stream of folk scholars across the ages. These scholars have acted as beacons and cultural consciences for the settlers in this …

Watch our 2018 Taos Aglow cover come alive, by Seamus Berkeley

For 15 years, we've been publishing 'Taos Aglow' – a guide that celebrates the unique holiday spirit in Taos. This year we've selected Seamus Berkeley for the cover. Find Taos Aglow magazine in this week's edition!
Taos Pueblo

La nochebuena

A reunion of friends, a mysticism of spirit, a celebration of warmth and light — these are the elements that make Christmas Eve at Taos Pueblo a sacred and memorable holiday event.

Happenings aglow: Calendar of festive events from Christmas through January

In Taos, we celebrate the holidays with all our hearts.

Tamalada: 'A big, tamale cooking feast'

When the fragrance of masa dough fills the kitchen, everybody knows it is tamale time.

Tis the season for stew

The arrival of cold weather signals the old Spanish tradition to hold a matanza...

Christmas favorites

There are many ways to let in the spirit of Christmas. Perhaps one of the best ways is to perform in or watch a Christmas play in person.
Jewish and non-Jewish community members gather for the annual Peace Chanukah celebration. Leaders from various faith groups are invited to read their messages of harmony.
Faith Aglow

Peace Chanukah

"Peace on Earth" is not merely a string of words. For people who have attended past Peace Chanukah celebrations in Taos, they know what the galvanizing power of hoping and praying for peace in an …
Taos Feeds Taos

Giving aglow

Taking action to benefit those less fortunate is a year-round need across town, the country and around the world. The holiday season, however, tends to enhance the plight of others often causing a rise in charitable contributions.

Biscochitos: Official cookie of New Mexico and a Taos Christmas

Ask any native or longtime Taoseño and they’ll tell you that there is no Christmas without the cinnamon and anise-flavored little discs of heaven called biscochitos.
The fire, light and merriment of Bonfires on Bent Street will be held Dec. 9.

'A very special energy'

The calming glow of farolitos lighting the way around Taos’ Historic District during the holiday season are complimented by the crackling warmth of numerous bonfires peppered throughout historic Bent Street and the John Dunn Shops...

Taos Aglow 2017

This year's annual Yuletide Caroling and Tree Lighting takes place Dec. 1, 4-6 p.m. at Taos Plaza.
Traditions aglow

All is calm, all is bright

From mankind’s past, long before the arrival of Christianity, trees and plants that kept their leaves and stayed green all winter held a magical meaning.

Taos Aglow 2016

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