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Court-appointed social advocate Michelle Concha poses for a portrait Feb. 13 by the Red Willow Education Center.
Taos Woman

Michelle Concha advocates for vulnerable families

Michelle Concha’s Taos Pueblo ancestral lineage and her work in the Taos community intertwine with pride and passion.
Taos Woman

Mover & Shaker: Wanda Lucero

I’ve been involved with and support many groups and nonprofits however, my main focus is currently on my family, health and business. 
Mother and daughter artists Karen McCurtain-Blair and Allegra Sleep in Las Comadres Gallery in Taos on Jan. 31, where their paintings are shown alongside works from nine other female artists.
Taos Woman

A complementary journey

Artistic talent or the pursuit of artistic careers may run in families, but the cooperativeness and celebration of each other’s art, which is found in the relationship between Karen …
Sandra Richardson talks about a 50-year-old 'Singing Shawl' from Thailand that is displayed in the Nomand Museum. This garment is so-named due to the sound the hand-woven cotton makes with the wearer's movements, caused by the rattle of the green beetle wings afixed to it.
Taos Woman

All dressed up

“You’ll never be an artist because you can’t draw.” Sometimes those “you’ll never be good enough” words from a college art instructor still cross her …
Rafting guide Wendy Gontram takes on the Powerline Falls in the Taos Box on the Río Grande.
Taos Woman

River-raft guiding — not just for men anymore

In Taos, you’ll find lots of women paddling white water. Many of the local rafting companies have female river rafting guides who add their skills and finesse to this adrenaline-filled world in …
Taos Woman

Mover & Shaker: Paula Randall Ervin

My official title at Randall Lumber is president/general manager, which in a family business means I'm responsible for everything from budgeting and …
Enos Garcia first-grade teacher Connie White helps a student with an assignment Feb. 12. The school vegetable garden she created teaches and inspires students in how to grow, cultivate and eat healthy.

Blooming community

Turning a parking lot into a “secret garden” is first-grade teacher Connie White’s dream come true. And now it’s bearing the fruit of a statewide STEAM organic farming …
Taos Woman

Mover & Shaker: Anita Bringas

Going on 9 years, I’ve worked at UNM-Taos since 2010, in various capacities.
Jane Gerard, of Jane Trains, says to successfully work with animals 'taking the time to know the animal is key.'
Taos Woman

Jane Gerard: Animal training with loving kindness

When she was just beginning her career, she had a hard time finding animal training work. “When I started working with dolphins as a young woman, I was turned away from work.
Taos Land Trust Executive Director Kristina Ortez welcomes guests and gives opening remarks Oct. 6, 2018, during the organization's annual Matanza at Río Fernando Park in Taos. During the celebration, Taos Land Trust revealed the master plans for the park, the newest public green space in Taos.
Taos Woman

Kristina Ortez on "fear, loathing, love"

The following conversation took place February 14, 2019, between Kristina Ortez, and writer and photographer Jim O’Donnell. Ortez and O’Donnell have been friends for over five years. …
Taos Woman

Mover & Shaker: Linda Sanchez

Title(s) and work responsibilities: Animal control officer under the town of Taos Police Department, but I also work closely with others departments within the town of Taos and its many …
Taos Woman

Mover & Shaker: Judy Esquibel

I have my dream job with the town of Taos. I do enjoy working with youth in our community and creating work relationships with great people who share this sense of community with me.

Community, Advocacy, Compassion: The Stories of Taos Woman

Two are related artists. Another is a collector and museum creator. One’s an environmental activist. Another is a dog whisperer. Some are adventurers, business owners and another is a teacher. …
Kristen Rivera
Movers and Shakers

Profile: Kristen Rivera

Job title(s) and responsibilities: "My full-time J-O-B is as a 5th grade teacher at Enos Garcia Elementary School.
Carmela Quinto, curator of collections and museum coordinator at Millicent Rodgers Museum, photographed Jan. 29.
Movers and shakers

Profile: Carmela Quinto

Title(s) and responsibilities: "Curator of Collections and Museum Coordinator at Millicent Rogers Museum.
Francesca Medina
Movers and Shakers

Profile: Francesca Medina

Job title(s) and responsibilities: "Owner of Francesca's Clothing Boutique in Arroyo Seco, winner of Best of Taos 10 years in a row.
Tessa Cordova poses for a portrait outside her family's community space, Las Pistoleras, in El Prado on Jan. 28.

Commander of the rebel base, caretaker of culture

Adorned in silver, wearing all black with winged eyeliner (the Chicana war paint), Tessa Córdova is as fearless as the culture she and her family represent.
First Baby

Virtual village

Parenting can be hilarious, but honestly it gets downright scary, too. Like the first time you see that lime slime in the baby’s diaper.
Inger Jirby
Movers and shakers

Profile: Inger Jirby

How many years in present occupation/business endeavor? "Fifty-five years as a professional artist and 21 years as a gallery owner."
Jane Gerard
Movers and shakers

Profile: Jane Gerard

Job title(s) and responsibilities: "I am a certified professional dog trainer with over 35 years experience in training and animal management.
Cynthia Arvidson
Movers and shakers

Profile of Cynthia Arvidson

Job title(s) and responsibilities: "I'm the executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Taos, Inc. (HFHT) I provide overall management of Habitat for Humanity of Taos in accordance with the direction, policies and objectives set by the board of directors.
Elizabeth Cunningham in 2012.

Remarkable woman of Taos

A leading Taos scholar, author and arts advocate, Elizabeth Cunningham, died Jan. 18, according to her husband Skip Keith Miller. She was 66 years old.
Julia Daye dances with the crowd at the One Billion Rising Revolution Rally on Feb. 14, 2016 on Taos Plaza. One Billion Rising is a call to action for people across the country to express their outrage, rise and dance in defiance of the injustices women suffer.

An invitation to rhythm and joy

Julia Daye’s life is one of exploration and discovery. Her love of music has led her to poetry, dance, creating her own radio show, being a DJ and becoming a social activist.
"My goal is to help people and horses understand each other, train horses to be safe and accepting of their riders, and most of all to show everyone how fun it is." — Jenny Lancaster Leshem

Kick-ass cowgirl

Every morning around 6, Missy, a 15-year-old black, easily spooked quarter horse with not a stitch of white markings, watches Jenny Lancaster cart bales of hay and measure scoops of grain.
Juanita Jaramillo Lavadie

Labor of love

Countercultural activism is a big and sometimes scary word, but the work of preserving water rights in Taos County is tantamount to saving the entire sustainable, land-based ethos at the heart of Northern New Mexico’s storied lifestyle.

Taos Woman 2018

Members of Girl Scouts Troop 10684 embrace the opportunity to forge new friendships. Pictured from left are Brandy Mckneely, Zeta Schilke. Nadijia Kostich, Madison Taylor and Kaelie Lyman-Bayne.

Exploring self and the world

Being a Girl Scout gives girls a chance to be outside, learn new skills, form friendships and find values that can provide a foundation for life.
Taos Search and Rescue's Delinda VanneBrightyn instructs during a rescue dog training session in February

Tireless and passionate

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then Delinda VanneBrightyn has savored most every morsel in life’s cupboard.
Taos County was represented in full force at the 2017 Womens March on Jan. 21 in Santa Fe. An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 protesters marched in support of womens rights the day after President Trump's innauguration day. By the end of the year, from the “Me Too” hashtag on social media to the “Times Up” movement, women stole even more headlines for speaking up about sexual harassment.

'Enough is enough'

This year marks Community Against Violence’s (CAV) 40th year of being a domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse response agency serving Northern New Mexico.

Taos Woman

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