Working as a team

A series on the basics of management and more


I am a firm believer in working as a team in any context. Most every article I write will include a reference to, or aspect of, teamwork. Being a team is about sharing a common goal and recognition that differences and diversity give opportunity to better understand interdependence. No matter if it is two people or all the countries of the world taking on a task together, working as a team has unlimited advantages because it affirms synergy and collaboration versus setting the stage for win-lose competition, isolationism or separatism. There is certainly a place for being alone or standing alone yet there is a special dynamic and spirit when the few, the many or all come together in unity and oneness, even globally.

Let's look at working as a team as a basic element of management:

Teamwork on the brain means if you are a manager, would things happen differently if you were always thinking about working as a team?

You might think things like: When a customer walks in, are all members of my team prepared and ready to respond to the customer with care and support? Will they ask questions to find out how this particular customer defines quality in terms of the product or service they need?

Do I see every customer as a team member? How can I create ways to involve customers as team members?

Does the customer recognize that we are communicating and cooperating to serve them as a team?

Make working as a team normal, natural, constant, consistent. What would life and work be like if working as a team became our lifestyle and work-style? What if all of our thinking, speaking, actions and interactions were in the spirt of sharing, cooperating, collaborating and being a world team, a universal community?

We are in this together. No matter who you are or what you do, you are a manager. Every day you manage your time, your thoughts and what you do for 24 hours. So, Mr./Ms. Manager, how would you manage yourself and others differently if you knew, really knew, that we were in this experience of life, this world together as Global Humanity? We are, and our survival depends upon realizing we are here in "earth school" learning our lessons together.

Finally, recognize the magic of diversity. Too often our differences easily deter our thinking and working as a team. We can reverse our thinking and recognize, discover and celebrate our differences as a gift, an advantage and the magical element of life that can create truth, beauty and goodness. What do you think?

I've been reading a book by Jacque Fresco titled The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty and War. Fresco, 101, last year received a United Nations award regarding city planning. My wife and I attended a workshop with him in March. Check out the website regarding the award and the project. Jacque is all about a global civilization.

(Fresco passed away May 18).

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