Management Corner: Why care about renewable energy and recycling?


For most families and businesses, renewable energy and recycling are not big deals or concerns. Unless you are in the energy industry or your product or service is directly related to the energy industry, why care? Most businesses can’t see a direct connection to bottom-line benefits.

Another way to think about renewable energy and recycling is to recognize the direct connection to the basics of clean air, a healthy environment and survival of the earth and humanity. It is that simple. Here are a few considerations and food for thought:

• The more awareness and better understanding that we have about renewable energy and recycling, the more we realize the importance of paying attention to little things that make a big difference in our life and world. Clean air and a healthy environment cannot be taken for granted. Natural resources are limited. Clean air and fresh water depend on our careful and intentional choices, decisions and actions. We can’t live or work without natural resources.

• The future of these basics of our life and all our energy sources is not just an issue for a few individuals. It is a survival concern for all peoples. The earth is our home.

• Every home, business and organization, no matter our lifestyle, product or service, is dependent on natural resources – no exceptions.

• Having disciplines of increased usage of renewable energy and recycling strengthens and helps to develop and evolve our universal and community sense of values. What we do matters. What we do has an impact on everyone and everything! It raises our consciousness of absolute universal interdependence

• An increasing challenge is to discover and create more and more reusage and recycling of everything. We easily assume that there are unlimited sources of clean air, water and products, like paper. There are many parts of our world with little, very limited or no paper products, clean air or water. For those brothers and sisters, each day is a question of survival.

• In simple terms, the reason to care about renewable energy and recycling is to save Mother Earth, our home. And as we take extra time and effort to learn, understand and create new conscious life and work styles, the benefits are lower costs, a healthier environment and the survival of all humanity.

Managing our life and work in today’s world is increasingly challenging. Renewable energy and recycling are only two of many complex challenges facing each one of us. The only constant and consistent element we have is change and more change. At home and at work, it is necessary and critical that we expand our focus, care and concern beyond being an individual person, family or business.

We must think of all others, locally, nationally and globally. We need each other. We need to care and share.

Bernie Linnartz – of Empowerment Experts – is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Call (575) 770-4712 or email