Management Corner

What to ponder in the New Year


As we enter 2018, here are questions to ponder. Consider yourself, your life and your work. Include consideration of yourself, others and a significant other. Write your responses to the following questions to reflect on as the year unfolds and at the end of 2018. Consider sharing this activity with a friend, co-worker or partner.

What do you already know about 2018? In your personal and professional life, are there actual or probable upcoming events, changes or transitions in place? Does your intuition give you insights regarding any part of your life or the world? What are some of the implications regarding what you know?

How will you manage the changes to come? Regardless of what you know or don't know, how can you best be proactive, effective, responsible and accountable as you manage? What are primary values to focus your actions?

What are three things that you wish for? These can be personal or professional. They can be practical or whimsical. I have a magic wand. I'll make sure they happen.

What is something major you want to create and how do you plan to accomplish it? What do you see coming in 2018 that is a significant project, event or challenge? Is there a move, a celebration, a life-changing opportunity? What are the resources, extra time and effort that will be required? How can you best prepare, plan and implement processes to ensure successful results?

What is something personal that you want to get or receive? Is this the year you have been waiting for to secure or accept something? How will you go about getting started with this special experience? Who will be involved? Will it happen early or later in the year? What is a new or different strategy you will use within your life and work? This is a management-related question. It requires thinking strategically. What will be the specific unique approach or focus required in the situation? Is it an attitude to be initiated or will it take some research or special training? Whose support or guidance might you need? Are you excited about it?

What will you give to the community? Consideration of a group or entity beyond our work or personal life is necessary for humanity and our world to meet the upcoming challenges. This can be political, environmental, educational or something else. More complex and drastic changes are in our future. What skill, knowledge base or resource do you have that you are prepared to contribute to the larger community? How can you best serve humanity in 2018? This is similar to the previous question. Contemplate in your heart what you are called to uniquely do at work and at home to be of service. Ponder carefully.

2018 will be a year unlike any other year in your life and in our world. Keep an open mind, heart and soul. Every challenge you face is an opportunity. Every coincidence that happens is a sign that you are on the right track. Enjoy all!

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