¡Bienvenidos, nuestra comunidad es su hogar!

Welcome from the Mayor's Office


As the mayor and spokesmen of the town of Taos Town Council, we are proud to host the 2018 Fiestas de Taos here in the heart of our community on Historic Taos Plaza.

Our fiestas are a time for gathering together, sharing old memories and making new ones. The theme for 2018 is “Uniting cultures in our community:” “Culturas unidas en nuestra comunidad.” Unity is something that has been of great importance to the council and myself.

The Taos Fiestas is a perfect time to for us to unite. This wonderful blend of our religious, agricultural, Hispanic culture and rich heritage brings us all together in one place for one beautiful New Mexico summer weekend in celebration of the 2018 Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana.

Whether you are a lifelong resident who fondly remembers your first ride on the Tio Vivo and your first Fiesta parade or if it will bey our first time to attend the Taos Fiestas, there will be memories made on Taos Plaza. There is nothing like dancing on the Plaza under the trees surrounded by neighbors, friends and family. It is a great time to make new friends.

Your attendance will give you a memorable experience of Taos and its wonderful people.

We would like thank the Fiesta Council and the many volunteers and participants that make the Fiestas such a wonderful event.

Congratulations to La Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos y Las Princesas del año 2018. Thank you for being willing to serve and represent the Taos Community.


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