Using ‘will’ power connections


The word “will” can take our thinking into many different directions. We can say, “I will call you tomorrow.” Here, “will” is a verb to do something in the future. “Will” can be a deliberate intention or desire. She has a will to live forever. That would be a noun. Another use of “will” as a noun is an inherent mental or physical power or talent by which a person decides on and initiates action. “Will” can be to ordain, which could take it into the spiritual realm. Then there is willpower, another noun, which is control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. There is much to ponder regarding the understanding of will and power.

When we create a connection, there is the intention (will) to establish some form of relationship. Is it intentionality that identifies the “will” and is “will” power? I believe it is. Using power by will is internal and proactive. It is that willingness that creates the connection, the relationship (when we are intentionally creating connections).

Let’s consider the concept of power for a moment. Power, too, can be taken in many different directions. Power as force, might, demeaning control and manipulation are all too common in our country and world. We live in a seemingly wild and out-of-control world right now.

This is a good reason for us to be exploring the use of will and power. When we use the power of will with positive, healthy, caring and supportive intentions, it is very different than the power of anger, greed or any form of evil. As we manage our life and work our power of will, it can be used for good or ill. Can you identify the different ways that you use your power of will?

Here are some examples of using the power of will:

• Getting up in the morning, we may have specific things in mind that we want or need to do. Today, I have three “must-do” tasks on my mind – write this article, pay bills and package up two birthday gifts, one for my son and one for my son-in-law, so I can get them in the mail tomorrow. My intention is a form of will. I am willing to do those three things by intention and I may need to use some willpower to get them all accomplished rather than doing more enjoyable things. I enjoy writing and gift-giving, not the bills.

• During the upcoming week, there may be a challenging task or project to be done. It may take additional thought, research and preparation to accomplish the work to be done. The use of power of will – it will be needed.

• Writing a personal “last will and testament” is the use of our will that continues after our death by law.

• As we make choices and decisions and respond to questions, we are using our will abilities.

We create connections in hundreds of ways most every day. As we use good management practices, we are using “will” power.

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