Upbeat and lively

The Fletcher and John Trio draws upon little-known songs and tuneful instrumentals


The Fletcher and John Trio is Glenda Fletcher, John Moulton and Max Moulton. The trio began as a duo with singer-songwriter Fletcher on guitar and John Moulton on fiddle back in 1997, shortly after Fletcher moved to New Mexico.

About six years ago, Max Moulton (John Moulton’s son) was recruited to learn bodhran (Celtic drum) and mandolin. The trio released a studio album called “Stack of Stones” in 2016. The group’s live performances have been focused on the Santa Fe area, but Taos-area music lovers will have more opportunities to see The Fletcher and John Trio in the coming months.

You can hear the trio perform Thursday (Oct. 26) from 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn, 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. There is no cover charge.

For the Taos Inn show, The Fletcher and John Trio will be playing lively and upbeat songs in the bluegrass and Celtic vein. The group’s repertoire includes both original and cover tunes.

“Typically, we like to pick interesting more obscure tunes, and then we take them and make them our own,” said Fletcher in a phone interview with Tempo.

Fletcher said that the songs the group’s members pick by other singer-songwriters tend to be little-known tunes. The same goes for the instrumental songs they cover.

As for their original music, all three musicians have a hand in creating it. Their most recent album, “Stack the Stones,” was a collaborative effort with all three taking turns at songwriting.

“I think what keeps us together as a group is we’re all disciplined, we’re all committed and we’re all really flexible with each other in terms of our collaborations. We really enjoy collaborating,” commented Fletcher.

When asked what inspires the trio creatively, Fletcher replied, “You know, really, a lot of the songs we write are based [on] where we live – living in Northern New Mexico with the land and just the beauty of where we live really inspires what we write.”

An example is a song written by Fletcher called “Disappear,” which is on “Stack the Stones.”

“‘Disappear’ is a vocal tune I wrote about living here with wildlife and watching how wildlife [moves] in and out of a scene without making a sound. That’s an inspiration for how I would like to live – to move that quietly,” Fletcher said.

Another example is a song, “The Other Side,” written by John Moulton about hiking in the mountains before a storm comes in.

“Stack the Stones” has a mix of purely instrumental tunes and those with vocals. Max Moulton composed a lively instrumental piece called “Cat in the Kitchen,” which was inspired by his cat, Roscoe.

“Stack the Stones” was nominated for five New Mexico Music Awards. These included nominations for “Disappear,” “The Other Side” and “Cat in the Kitchen.”

Max Moulton, who was allegedly named after the character in Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” was born and raised in Dixon. He also plays drums with Big Swing Theory, Two-Ton Strap and Art of Flying and is a co-owner of radio station 93.5 KNCE-FM.

John Moulton is a self-taught fiddle player who has performed with a number of bands over the decades. He specializes in bluegrass and Celtic tunes. Fletcher has a background as a singer-songwriter in the bluegrass vein. Before coming to New Mexico, she lived in North Carolina.

If you are not able to make it out to the Taos Inn tonight, you can catch The Fletcher and John Trio at the same venue Nov. 9. In addition, the trio will perform all day on Nov. 4-5 inside the Mission Building during the Dixon Studio Tour in the village of Dixon. For more information, visit

For more information on the show, call the venue at (575) 758-2233.