Trump's actions endanger America's national security

Posted 11/14/19

The loyalty of the Trump base would be admirable if the "mistakes" of Trump would not all pertain to matters of national security.

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Trump's actions endanger America's national security


The loyalty of the Trump base would be admirable if the "mistakes" of Trump would not all pertain to matters of national security. What else could he violate, with his undisciplined behavior, to alter the absolute confidence of his nativist base? Was it not enough to jeopardize our entire Middle East security calculus, after chatting on the phone with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, whom he mistook for just another real estate magnate?

Trump's behavior as commander in chief makes mockery of the title, and the American people should have lost confidence in him soon after he began to bare his soul in nightly tweets.

His lack of understanding of the parameters of his role was immediately recognized by some of our best in the business, who attempted to guard him from himself. Trump does not understand the new cyber threat phenomenon, which gives startling definition to our chaotic times, although he thrives in this contaminated environment. In other words, technological advancements in communication and transportation have allowed the manifestations of an ugly world we used to call "over there" to creep "over here" and bringing our traditional, peaceful democratic legislative process under disarray.

While in previous conflicts, the objective was to subjugate the will of the enemy through physical devastation and occupation, our adversaries now are enabled by technological advancements to directly influence how we think and as such our political system. We have already witnessed the first strategic objective attained by our adversaries under this new form of warfare during the 2016 elections. However, the extent of contamination of the very soul of our democracy is insidious by design and the Mueller investigation could not draw definitive conclusions.

What we have going on is a huge gamble of impeachment, given the fact that our world has been turned upside down. In an atmosphere where even the most obtuse can discern the absolute unfitness of this president, the loyalty to this president by all the" left behinds" is such that they can cast away democracy as a value system and embrace a cult of personality so alien to us.

But the Trump base above all "want their country back." In this atmosphere of rejection of institutions, the Democrats simply cannot stand in way of the "Trump behemoth" that has already swept aside the constitutional provisions for checks and balances.

Our future is also much threatened by the Democrats, much divided, who argue about issues that cannot win an overwhelming majority. The current campaign is a sideshow at best. The Democrats have failed to recognize that the absolute main issue of America is "the slow impoverishment of the majority" that Trump so cleverly has anchored into. The Trump base is filled with descendants of second- and third-generation immigrants, having grown into nativists, the remnants of our former industrial base.

This type of unprecedented devotion is anything but new. Historically, madmen obtained a staunch following based on their purported lies that offer a promise to a hopeless situation. The Trump base consists of Americans that have lost faith in Washington and see Trump as a hope to overcome their slow impoverishment and losing grip on the American dream. In other words, having lost faith in institutions, all their hopes are rested in the promises of their chosen leader. The symbolism of the Republican legislators marching in unison to the secure facility, within the halls of Congress, should have been alarming to us all.

The removal of Trump is not an "old school" domestic political matter. We are a notch above that - we are beyond the so-called water's edge. The central issue with Trump is not his violation of presidential protocol, like shaking down the Ukraine for domestic political gain, but his conclusively demonstrated unsuitability for the office that endangers our very existence as a nation. What is happening is both insidious and unprecedented because the man at the controls does not deserve to be there.

George Geczy Jr. is a retired U.S. Army colonel and a resident of Taos.


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