Leyendas 2016

Larger than life: The stuff that legends are made of


In your hands is the 16th annual installment of Tradiciones. From past to present, this special publication continues to be a recognition and ovation of the minds and hearts that mold and bless this special home in the high-desert mountains; and provides a look into some of Taos County's fabled spots, customs, and environmental and historical movements.

This issue of "Leyendas" (Legends) — the first in the four-part series — takes you to the Lawrence Ranch, up Gold Hill, on a treasure hunt, into a sweat lodge and introduces a lesser-known addition Ernie Blake envisioned for Taos Ski Valley. The conspiracy-driven Taos Hum is re-explored, as is the long-time presence of the non-native Siberian elms.

Whether mythical or tangible, proven true or still unverified, Taos legends never fade away. Keeping our stories alive is to know of our colorful people, captivating cultural traditions and stunning natural environment for today and for generations to come.