Tiny Tim fights on


Thanks to the generosity of the Taos News readers from around the country, Tiny Tim has been on the Mutian supplements to fight feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) for four weeks. He has lost all of the fluid in his abdomen, has a voracious appetite is running and playing like never before, and is finally growing.

He is 6 pounds of muscle and sweetness. His thin weak back legs are now strong. His coat looks healthy - actually, if you saw him you would never know he has a fatal virus or ever did. He may be the easiest cat to pill - ever. In two weeks (at the six-week mark) we will do a blood test to see where he is with the virus and if it is causing any health issues. The treatment can be hard on the liver but we have him on herbs to protect his liver and  B-12 and pumpkin to help with the associated diarrhea.

Or, if he has beaten it and can stop treatment.

Good thing cats have nine lives - Tiny Tim has used two!

Judy Pearson,

Dixon Animal Protection League


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