Year of the Tiger 2018

Tiger spotlight: Anthony Maestas

It's just a little adversity


When things don’t go their way on a play, or when the crowd is a little bit quiet, Anthony Maestas is there, elevating his arms and the attitudes of those around him.

When asked if this encouraging leadership style comes naturally to him or it’s something he’s intentionally cultivated, he indicated it was the latter.

“My sophomore year I had a lot of people that would help me out when I would get down.” Maestas cited Ronnie Salazar and Jude Suazo as particularly helpful in helping him “keep his calm,” knowing “it’s just a little adversity that you can overcome.”

Maestas started playing football with YAFL when he was five, continuing a family tradition. The coaches told them they could win a championship, and this year, it finally came true. Maestas played for his uncle and for his grandfather an expression of his a love for his family and a desire to make them proud.

Football has helped him be “more humble,” and to see that “not everything is just that bad.” He feels that coach Abreu has prepared him follow in the footsteps of his aunt and succeed in college by teaching him to put mindset first – to “always think positive” – and to get things done.

“He was always there for us, making sure none of us were on bad terms with anything,” Maestas said of coach Abreu. “He just made sure that we never went without knowing that he would be there for us, not only now but in the future.”


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