The importance of feeling in affirmations


I’ve always had the experience that feeling affirmations – rather than just thinking them – is what gives them power. That’s why I was particularly excited when I read Gregg Braden’s “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.” In this book, Braden shares about his journey with a small group he had invited to accompany him to Tibet and their experience at an 800-year-old monastery hidden at the base of a mountain. Through their translator, he asked the timeless-looking abbot the same question he had asked each monk and nun they had met throughout their pilgrimage.

“‘When we see your prayers,’ I began, ‘what are you really doing? When we see you tone and chant for 14 and 16 hours a day … when we see the bells, the bowls, the gongs, the chimes, the mudras and the mantras on the outside, what is happening to you on the inside?’

“As the translator shared the abbot’s reply, a powerful sensation ripped through my body, and I knew that this was the reason we’d come to this place. ‘You have never seen our prayers,’ he answered, ‘because a prayer cannot be seen.’ Adjusting his heavy wool robes, the abbot continued: ‘What you have seen is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies. Feeling is the prayer.’”

This is so key to growing younger and living a happy life. Feelings are the important grease that helps raise or lower your vibration. If you’re feeling good, your vibration is high and you attract more high-vibration thoughts. If you’re feeling great, your vibration is even higher. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, your vibration is low and you attract more low-vibration thoughts. Those are the negative villains that make life miserable.

Of course, when you’re feeling wretched, you don’t feel like saying positive affirmations. When you’re feeling that bleak and gloomy and it’s too much of a stretch to go for positive, just make the effort to get to neutral. Or don’t! Take the pressure off. Just relax, let go completely and trust in the divine. Relaxing is actually a big step up from gloomy.

Many of us are wrapped up in the cares and concerns of everyday life and forget to pay attention to who we really are. And so our true nature as part of the divine remains hidden within and our power and magnificence get buried beneath stress, worry and inaccurate perception. Unforgiveness shovels some dirt on our core, too – unforgiveness of others and especially ourselves. But forgiveness can’t be forced. We can’t make ourselves forgive someone, even when that someone is our own self. Forgiveness comes from a heightened consciousness, which we can cultivate by taking time to be still and allow the true self to surface. Meditation is one way.

Our very nature is loving, kind and joyful. Connecting to our heart and loving ourself restores us to our original nature, where we freely and unconditionally give and receive love. Tapping into the joys of the heart has the ability to heal the sorrow of the mind and body. The heart joys aren’t dependent on circumstance – they simply are, an essential part of the heart.

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