The hunt, a Taos tradition

The Taos News is collecting hunting photos from 2017


Waking up early and heading into the woods with family to hunt is a tradition as New Mexican as green or red chile.

Parents teach their kids the meaning of sportsmanship and conservation. Memories are made and the tradition is passed to the next generation.

In decades past, locals would share their hunting photos - of family, friends and the harvests - with The Taos News.

And for the last edition of 2017, we're picking up that tradition.

Send us your best hunting photos of 2017 from here in New Mexico, especially the Taos County area. Let us know who you are and feel free to share a little story about the hunt.

Email photos to by Friday, Dec. 22 by noon. The higher the picture resolution the better. These will be published on our website and in print Dec. 28.