Taos Tigers tripped up in Aztec


The first half of the Tiger-Tiger match-up in Aztec went well enough for the Taos Tigers. After a nearly 60-yard run by Aztec on their first possession that set them up for a touchdown, Taos was able to hold them to seven points for the rest of the half.

Given that Aztec had already scored 90 points in their first two games of the season, this was a real accomplishment for the Taos defense. The Taos Tigers were able to get their running game moving for short spurts, too, and when the Tigers headed for the locker room with a score of 7-0 in favor of Aztec, it was still anyone’s game.

The first half ended with an Aztec drive interrupted by an interception by Daemon Ely, who was also the starting quarterback for Taos as Noah Armijo was sidelined by an injury sustained during the win in Los Alamos Aug. 30. That momentum showed when they took the field for the third quarter.

Taos kicked-off to Aztec and sent them four-up four-down. Taos then marched down the field, collecting several first downs, but a series of penalties put them in a difficult position: third-and-36 near midfield. At one fourth-and-25, they punted. The first play after the touchback was an 80-yard touchdown run from Aztec’s Alex Parra. With the extra point, it was 14-0 Aztec.

The score was still close, but things began to slide for Taos. Between penalties, mistakes and what Coach Art Abreu, Jr. called “discipline issues,” including attitude, the game got away from Taos. The final score was 38-0, Aztec.


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