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Taos International sixth-graders learn about 'garbology'


Hello Taos,

This is Ms. Roe Ziccarello's sixth-grade class from Taos International School, here to tell you about garbology," conservation and recycling.

Garbology is the study of garbage. Where does all of our garbage go after we throw it away? It goes to the landfill to be buried underground. Years pass, and the landfill is full. What then? Most of what we throw away is plastic but plastic is not biodegradable (meaning something has the ability to break down naturally). Therefore, we have to dig a new landfill for our future garbage.

Luckily, there is something we can do about it. We can reduce by using less water when we bathe and brush our teeth. We can reuse by finding ways to turn garbage into useful things, or by reusing shopping bags. And, of course, we can recycle!

Our sixth- and fifth-grade classes decided to use washable plates for lunch and wash our own dishes instead of using paper, plastic or Styrofoam products. That means that we're even saving our school money in purchasing disposable products. Plus, we recycle for the whole school every Friday.

People throw everything and anything away, and don't think twice about it. Because of that, the Earth is becoming toxic! It's time to open our eyes and hearts about recycling -- not just for us, but for future generations.

Start by recycling and only buying things that are recyclable. We hope we've made a big statement, which opens your eyes to see how much we have already hurt this Earth, and encourages everyone to do his or her part to make this world a better place.

Story written by Faith Aguilar, Sierra Casias, Jonathan Corona, Isabella Garcia, Arry Jeantette, Jacqueline Limas and Evie Trujillo, with contributions from Ms. Ziccarello's entire class.


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