Taos International charter revoked


Following a four-month battle, the Taos International School could close after the New Mexico Public Education Department Secretary Chris Ruszkowski late Friday (April 13) upheld a December decision to not renew the school's charter.

The school took part in a charter renewal meeting in December 2017 where the New Mexico Public Education Commission decided, based on data collected from the school, not to renew the charter for the Taos school. School officials from Taos Charter filed an appeal with the state and held a meeting March 23 in hopes of reversing the decision and keeping the doors open.

"The PEC outlined substantial evidence that the school has failed to meet standards in its December decision," said state PED spokeswoman Lida Alikhani  in an email.

The school has not received a grade higher than a "D" since 2015 based on the state's curriculum for grading schools.

Taos International School has just over 200 students enrolled in its classes, which include a bilingual curriculum. The school opened in 2013 after a battle to obtain the charter, which was ultimately approved by former Education Secretary Hannah Skandara after she reversed a state education commission decision to deny the school's charter.

According to state law, the school has the option of appealing the decision in district court.

Taos International School Director Nadine Vigil declined to comment on the situation at this time.

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