Taos garden club provides grants to local schools, nonprofits


Los Jardineros Garden Club announced seven new grants totaling $12,737 at the club's Oct. 19 meeting. The funds for these grants come from the proceeds of the annual Garden and Home Tour in August. The grants will fund a variety of landscaping and horticultural education projects.

"These grants allow Los Jardineros to support agricultural/ horticultural education in our schools and to beautify public spaces with native and xeric plants," said Meg Greenwood, outgoing president of Los Jardineros. "They also foster partnerships and teach our children about traditional farming practices and the importance of local food production."

The 2017/18 projects are:

Taos Integrated School of the Arts ($1,935): The bulk of this grant will go toward 10 trees, a raised-bed pollinator garden and a composter. The trees will be planted on school grounds near the acequia. The school will teach students about the role water plays in an arid landscape.

Equine Spirit Sanctuary ($1,300): This project will build a garden/meditation area along the acequia near the horses. A bridge will be built over the acequia by home school students and their instructor.

Roots and Wings Community School ($1,491): The school will revitalize the onsite greenhouse with drip irrigation, solar pumps, seed trays, growing soil and heritage seeds. The produce will be used in the lunch program.

Localogy ($1,353): They will install a drip system for recently planted trees and landscape in the park area surrounding the Questa library and youth center.

Friends of the Taos Public Library ($3,000): This project will redo and replant the garden at the library with native plants. The Friends of the Library have committed to a $3,000 match for the labor costs.

Taos Center for the Arts ($2,158): Will rehabilitate an area from the entry to the TCA offices to the auditorium parking lot. The area will include a pathway with gravel and paving stones. Weed fabric will be used to keep down maintenance requirements.

Taos Art Museum at Fechin House ($1,500): These funds will be used for plants and trees and irrigation for the Food Forest.

If you have questions about how to apply for a Los Jardineros beautification and education grant, email Los Jardineros at ljtaosnm1949@gmail.com or visit their website at www.gardencluboftaos.org.