Taos Day School celebrates end of summer program


Nearly 60 students enrolled in Taos Day School’s summer program celebrated the end of their summer experience Tuesday (July 25) by combining several of the lessons learned during the program and applying them to practical community projects.

Students from grades K-6 gathered in groups to apply what they had learned by building hornos, picnic tables, a sandbox, working on an art mural and participating in sewing classes. The efforts are part of an initiative to teach the students how community work was traditionally done, as well as to apply their learning to real-world construction.

“We’re trying to collaborate with all the agencies in Taos Pueblo to make this a true community school, which it is,” said Andrew Haimowitz, Taos Day School principal.

Funding for the projects was made possible by federal grants. Students will continue to work with what they learned in the program in their normal classes at school. According to Haimowitz, the learning does not stop when the students leave the classroom. They will be the caretakers of the projects if they need repairs in the future.